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Colorado offers something for everyone who visits there. The best time to visit this state depends on whether you enjoy winter or summer activities more. If you are thinking about buying Colorado land, below is more information about when to visit Colorado.

Colorado has four seasons with a hot, dry summer and a cold, wet winter. Spring and fall are mild and temperatures can fluctuate a lot because of the towering

Rocky Mountains cutting through the center of the state.

In summer, there often are big afternoon thunderstorms, which may have high winds, hail, and flash floods. Winter can be very cold, with a lot of snow, and you will see a blizzard now and then. Those big storms can even hit big cities such as Denver, so if you do not like heavy snow, you may want to skip the cold months!

Colorado tends to have the most crowds in summer and winter. There are dozens of state and national parks and 20 ski resorts where most tourists visit in summer and winter.

As summer winds down, many campgrounds and RV parks shut down. Rafting and kayaking companies also close down their services too. Come in the summer if you like those activities.

The best time to come in the summer is the end of the season because it is not as crowded and prices are lower.

If you like to ski, the ski seasons at major resorts will extend their seasons by making snow until it is too warm to do so. The beginning and middle of ski season after heavy snows often has too many people on the slopes to make it really enjoyable.

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Try to visit ski resorts when it is not as busy, and go to local resorts such as Loveland if you want to avoid crowds.

Spring is the slower season in Colorado no matter where you go. So unless you really want to ski, spring is one of the best times to see the beautiful vistas and pay lower prices.

More tips on when to visit:

  • Denver: Summer is best for visiting the Mile High City. Winter weather makes navigating the town difficult and slow.
  • Estes Park: Spring months are best.
  • Museums: Go during the week any time of the year.

Hopefully, you have a better idea when the best times are to visit Colorado. We hope you enjoy your trip.



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