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Who doesn’t love the idea of having access to an Outdoor Furniture space? Whether it is a townhouse or a huge family house, if you are blessed with an outdoor space, decorate it with style. The outdoor space can be used as an extension to your indoor living room, or for holding dinners and parties, or if the space is secluded, you can style it as your private spot for unwinding yourself.

No matter whichever style you opt for setting up your outdoor space, comfort should always be a priority while doing so. In this age, it is fortunate enough to find a myriad of outlays and designs that may help you in styling your houses with outdoor furniture that does not compromise on comfort while making numerous people envious of your taste and vision.

This article is a compilation of some experts’ tips on Do’s and Don’ts while placing furniture outdoors. Hopefully, these tips will help you in creating a dreamy place for you to relax and lounge in, regardless of your geographical location.


Outdoor Furniture


Tips and layout plans Of Outdoor Furniture with regards to the location and space

The outdoor space you want to furnish Outdoor Furniture and style can be a small balcony, a patio, or your backyard garden. Every location and space has common-sense rules, following which can make the most out of it. These tips are:


The small balcony: this will probably be a small extended area out of your bedroom or lounge. This will be more of a private and casual sitting area and will not require formal styling. Since this is a small area, you will be short on space. The furniture used here needs to be low in height so that it doesn’t interfere with the view. Use narrow sofa, club chairs, and narrow table. The idea is to fill up the space to maximize comfort without making small space noticeable. You can also make a border on one side from the narrow sofas to create privacy from nosy neighbors. Be careful, nothing heavy or bulky needed as it will eat up the precious space.


The patio: this is the most liked Outdoor Furniture space as it comes with lots of room for experimenting with furniture and style and has a lot of space. The patio is an ideal spot for dinners and BBQ plans. The idea is to create a flexible space for eating and relaxing.

It is recommended to place the dining table and chairs on one side and seating sofas and chairs on the other side. Allow space in the center for easy movement and mingling. Also, the furniture should be lightweight and easy to move. A small bar and BBQ pit would be an ideal setup alongside the dining table. Make sure all the chairs have the appropriate outdoor fabric on them.


The Deck: the deck is more of an extension of a kitchen and more of a floating living room. It is a mini version of the patio. It can be used as a breakfast nook or for small dinners, or just anything else. Since the deck comes bordered with a railing, it can trick the brain into perceiving it as a closed space. be mindful of placing furniture in the smaller areas and leave space for movement and flow.


The backyard: this area of your house comes with plenty of styling and furnishing potential. You can use it for anything. You can make small secluded areas of your choice too.

The backyard can serve as an excellent casual hangout place with full privacy. Setup multiple small conversational spots. Use multiple types of chairs and tables and use them in combination. A large sofa at the corner can also serve as a conversational point for larger groups. If you love alone time away from the bustles o this world, you can choose a private spot and set up a hanging cane chair with a small matching table with it. Nothing like reading a book on a warm afternoon with a cup of great-tasting coffee.


Screened-in porch: this space is an extension of your living room. It is more of an outdoor lounge with glass walls. The advantage of furnishing this porch is that you can fill it up with all the indoor suitable furniture and enjoy the best of both the worlds. Of course, the furniture needs to be able to withstand the weather. The idea is to have as much comfortable seating as possible in a place that serves as a living room in the garden. Have plenty of small tables and lighting. Candles and lanterns will add an oomph to the ambiance. Throws on the back of chairs and sofas can add to the comfortable look.


The poolside: what can be better than lazy lounging on a warm afternoon alongside the pool? Style your poolside and make it fun and functional. It should have chaise loungers and dinner arrangements area. Since the pool area comes with space on the sides, it is wise to use each side for a different purpose. For example, you can arrange seating and lounge on one side and dining table on the other. Nothing can beat the idea of an alfresco dinner by the poolside. With so much space, you can easily play with bulky sized furniture.


Some don’t’s for outdoor furnishing:

Now, that you have an idea about the styling and furnishing of almost all the outdoor areas, here are some don’ts. No one is an expert at these things until of course, you have experience and education in this field. These don’ts have been compiled following expert pieces of advice from people having considerable experience in this field. Hopefully, these don’ts will help in keeping you away from mistakes that ruin the overall look of outdoor space.


Don’t fill it up: no matter how lucrative it may seem, do not try to fill up all the outdoor space you have in hand. You need to keep space for smooth flow and movement. Also, empty space is important for visual relaxation as well. Style and furnish with style and wisdom. Appropriate seating to accommodate everyone yet, not hindering the flow and space.


It is not a garage sale: how you style your spaces speaks a lot about yourself. Don’t be tempted by a lot of open space and do not fill it up with all sorts of mismatched furniture. Your kid’s plastic chairs would never go well with your antique sofa. Style tastefully. The furniture should follow a theme or at least be in harmony with the other pieces. Often, carrying on with the same theme as the indoors of your house works well.


Create a balance: balance is the key to furniture styling. Create a balance between different objects. Fill in empty spaces with pants for a boost of color and refreshment.


Conclusion: there is a complete science behind styling spaces. It is nothing difficult but requires commonsense, knowledge and expertise. Ensure that the furniture you choose for your outdoor set up should be weatherproof and durable.



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