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Staying in house with issues is not an easy experience. PerfectDWELL make it easy to find local pros that specialize in exactly the type of work you need done. For us every customer matters. We’re passionate about doing better. Perfectdwell connects you to right contractors and gives free estimates for qualified home improvement. Get up to 4 quotes and you compare the price to get the value deal. Just enter zip code, phone, project description and we’ll match you to the best pro for the job. Using PerfectDWELL saves time and money, in just a few minutes local contractors will get in touch. Our mission is to provide you with an awesome experience; helping you to quickly connect with local home improvement pros and to make the best choice for your home improvement project. Since 2005, we have been empowering homeowners with the confidence that they’re receiving the highest quality home repair and renovations, while providing contractors the consistent opportunity to perform the great work they do for their local communities. We focus on the needs of our clients to give them their lives’ best dwelling experience. Like us on and please share this with your family & friends! Remember us for Carpeting, plumbing, heating, cooling, HVACs, painting, garage doors, tiles, roofing, pest exterminating, electrician, fencing, flooring, handyman, landscaping, remodeling and many more. We have thousands of happy customers all around US with great reviews. We give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you hired a pro you can trust; we have one of the industry’s most comprehensive screening processes, always open to hearing and addressing issues. We not only have a customer support team, we have a quality assurance team so that our product is constantly under the microscope. We strive for our customers’ success. We fulfill what it is we set out to do and when we don’t, we own that and then try again. Redoing home improvement with right construction Companies can increase your home value. We deliver opportunity and when we don’t, we credit back, period.

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How It Works

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Today Owning a home is an incredible achievement. It’s great to know that all the hard work you’ve put into your home will ultimately increase the property’s value, and give you something you can trade on financially if you sell it. If you keep your house for the long term, however, you can leave to your children after you are gone. All of that will carry on financial stability in your family, which is a hugely important achievement.

New construction Remodel FREE ESTIMATES licensed contractors. Always compare prices with at least 3 contractors before you commit to this important home project of your life.

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Redoing home improvement with right construction Companies can increase your home value.

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Using PerfectDWELL saves time and money, In just a few minutes local contractors will get in touch.

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Network Task Name Task ID
Brick & Stone Flatwork – Repair 395
Concrete Foundation – Install 391
Concrete Foundation – Repair 417
Copper Gutters – Install 397
Copper Gutters – Repair 407
Countertop Repair Solid Surface (Concrete Stainless Steel..) 427
Countertops Install (Granite, Marble, Quartz) 423
Ducts/Vents – Clean 20
Fire Sprinkler System 126
Foundation Or Basement – Waterproofing 393
Galvanized Gutters – Install 399
Galvanized Gutters – Repair 409
Generator Service/Repair 181
Gutter Cleaning 295
Install Or Replace A Septic System 133
Interlocking Pavers-Driveways, Floors Install 355
Laminate Countertops – Install 419
Laminate Countertops – Repair 429
New Home Construction 145
Pavers – Patios, Walks & Steps – Install 357
Popcorn Ceiling Removal 220
Powerwashing Exterior 61
Pump Out A Septic Tank 345
PVC Gutters – Install 401
PVC Gutters – Repair 411
Radiant Floor Heating System – Install 36
Radiant Floor Heating System – Repair 35
Repair A Septic System 347
Seamless Metal Gutters – Install 403
Seamless Metal Gutters – Repair 413
Siding Install/Replace 13
Steel Countertops – Install 431
Stone Slab Countertops – Install 421
Stone Slab Countertops – Repair (Granite, Marble, Quartz…) 425
Wallpaper Hanging/Removal 214
Wood Gutters – Install 405
Wood Gutters – Repair 415
Carpenters Cabinets/Drawers Installation 38
Carpenters Cabinets/Drawers Repair 39
Carpenters Closets/Built-in Furniture 40
Carpenters Custom Cabinets 252
Carpenters Custom Carpentry/Woodworking 41
Carpenters Decks/Porches/Ramps – Build 42
Carpenters Decks/Porches/Ramps – Repair 43
Carpenters Door Install 44
Carpenters Finish/Trim/Molding 46
Carpenters Frame New Construction/Additions 48
Carpenters Framing 47
Carpenters Pergola/Arbor/Trellis – Build 50
Carpenters Shed/Barn/Gazebo Build 51
Carpenters Shed/Barn/Gazebo Repair 52
Carpenters Wood Stairs/Railings – Install/Replace 49
Concrete Concrete – Applications 63
Concrete Concrete – Sawing Or Removal 67
Concrete Concrete Driveways/Floors – Install 74
Concrete Concrete Flatwork – Repair & Resurface 68
Concrete Concrete Patios, Walks & Steps – Install 351
Concrete Concrete Resurfacing 69
Concrete Concrete Retaining Walls 70
Concrete Concrete Walls/Gates/Fences 73
Concrete Driveways/Floors – Repair 75
Concrete Garage Floor Coatings 77
Concrete Overlays/Stamped 66
Concrete Polishing Concrete 82
Concrete Poured Concrete Wall – Install 353
Electricians Attic/Whole House Fan Install 184
Electricians Attic/Whole House Fan Repair 185
Electricians Ceiling Fan – Install 186
Electricians Ceiling Fan – Repair 187
Electricians Electrical For Home Addition/Remodel 179
Electricians Electrical Panel Upgrade 195
Electricians Electrical Wiring/Rewiring 178
Electricians Exhaust Fan – Install 190
Electricians Generator – Install 180
Electricians Hot Tubs/Jacuzzi/Spa – Install 191
Electricians Interior Lighting – Install 188
Electricians Smoke Detector – Install 192
Electricians Switches/Outlets/Fixtures – Install 177
Electricians Switches/Outlets/Fixtures – Repair 194
Electricians Troubleshooting 183
Exterminators Ants 97
Exterminators Bed Bugs/Fleas/Ticks 98
Exterminators Birds And Bats 99
Exterminators Flies / Mosquitoes 100
Exterminators Fumigation 101
Exterminators Insects 103
Exterminators Mice/Rodents 104
Exterminators Mites 272
Exterminators Pest Control 102
Exterminators Roaches 105
Exterminators Spiders/Crickets 106
Exterminators Stinging Insects 107
Exterminators Stinkbugs 108
Exterminators Termites 109
Fence Aluminum/Steel Fence Install 171
Fence Aluminum/Steel Fence Repair 172
Fence Barbed Wire Fence Install 173
Fence Barbed Wire Fence Repair 174
Fence Chain Link Fence Install 168
Fence Chain Link Fence Repair/Alter 169
Fence Vinyl/PVC Fence Install 166
Fence Vinyl/PVC Fence Repair 167
Fence Wood Fence Install 164
Fence Wood Fence Repair 165
Fence Wrought Iron Fence Install 170
Floors Hardwood Floor – Install 156
Floors Laminate Flooring – Install 159
Floors Laminate Flooring – Repair 160
Floors Vinyl/Linoleum Floor – Install 161
Floors Vinyl/Linoleum Floor – Repair 162
Floors Wood Floor – Repair Or Partially Replace 157
Floors Wood Floor Refinishing 158
Garage-Doors Broken Hinges 85
Garage-Doors Garage Door Install 86
Garage-Doors Garage Door Repair 87
Garage-Doors Garage Door Service 90
Garage-Doors Opener/Remote – Install 88
Garage-Doors Opener/Remote – Repair 89
Garage-Doors Panel Replacement/Repair 91
Garage-Doors Rolling Grille Install 92
Garage-Doors Rolling Grille Repair 93
Garage-Doors Spring Replacement 94
Garage-Doors Weather Stripping/Insulation 95
Handyman Door Repair 45
Handyman Drywall Installation 221
Handyman Drywall Repair/Patching 236
Handyman Siding Repair 239
HVAC Boiler Install/Replace 24
HVAC Boiler Repair/Service 25
HVAC Central A/C – Install/Replace 27
HVAC Central A/C – Repair/Service 26
HVAC Ductless (mini-split) A/C Install 34
HVAC Ductless (mini-split) A/C Service Or Repair 365
HVAC Ducts/Vents – Install/Replace 19
HVAC Electric Furnace – Install 435
HVAC Electric Furnace – Repair 441
HVAC Electrical Baseboard/Wall Heater – Install 32
HVAC Electrical Baseboard/Wall Heater – Repair 33
HVAC Gas Furnace – Install 437
HVAC Gas Furnace – Repair 443
HVAC Heat Pump Install 29
HVAC Heat Pump Repair 30
HVAC Oil Furnace – Install 439
HVAC Oil Furnace – Repair 445
HVAC Propane Furnace – Install 447
HVAC Propane Furnace – Repair 449
HVAC Thermostat – Install/Replace 31
Landscaping Gardening – Bushes/Flowers/etc 209
Landscaping Hardscapes 203
Landscaping Landscape Design/Install 197
Landscaping Landscape Lighting 204
Landscaping Landscape Repair 198
Landscaping Lawn Care And Maintenance 196
Landscaping Lawn Sprinkler System-Install 267
Landscaping Lawn Sprinkler System-Repair 268
Landscaping Leaf Removal 199
Landscaping Sod Installation 200
Landscaping Sprinklers/Irrigation System 201
Landscaping Tree Removal/Trimming 202
Landscaping Water Features 208
Painting Cabinet Painting 343
Painting Exterior Painting 218
Painting Exterior Painting – Whole House 211
Painting Interior Painting 3+ Rooms 210
Painting Interior Painting-1 To 2 Rooms 270
Painting Paint Exterior – Trim/Shutters 212
Painting Paint Removal/Stripping 216
Painting Paint/Stain – Deck/Fence/Porch 213
Painting Painting – Faux Finishes 349
Painting Specialty Painting/Refinishing 215
Plumbing Bathtub/Shower – Install/Replace 228
Plumbing Boiler Install 121
Plumbing Boiler Repair 122
Plumbing Drain Clog/Blockage – Clear 123
Plumbing Drain Line Break – Camera Locate 227
Plumbing Faucets/Fixtures/Pipes Repair/Replace 235
Plumbing Gas Piping 131
Plumbing Leak Detection/Repair 129
Plumbing Plumbing For Addition/Remodel 132
Plumbing Sewer Main – Clear 234
Plumbing Sewer Main – Replace/Repair 233
Plumbing Sump Pump – Repair/Replace 229
Plumbing Tankless Water Heater – Repair 231
Plumbing Tankless Water Heater -Install 230
Plumbing Water Heater – Install/Replace 136
Plumbing Water Heater – Repair/Service 137
Plumbing Water Line 138
Plumbing Water Main – Replace/Repair 232
Plumbing Water Treatment/Purification 139
Remodeling Attic Remodel 146
Remodeling Basement Remodel 143
Remodeling Bathroom Remodel 152
Remodeling Garage Build 269
Remodeling Garage Remodel 144
Remodeling General Contractors 154
Remodeling Home Addition 147
Remodeling Kitchen Remodel 151
Remodeling Major Renovation – Multiple Rooms 148
Remodeling Remodel Or Renovate 1+ Rooms 153
Remodeling Remodel To Accommodate A Disability 149
Roofing Roof Install – Asphalt Shingle 313
Roofing Roof Install – Metal 319
Roofing Roof Install – Natural Slate 315
Roofing Roof Install – Tile 321
Roofing Roof Install-Wood Shake/Comp. 317
Roofing Roof Repair – Asphalt Shingle 301
Roofing Roof Repair – Metal 307
Roofing Roof Repair – Natural Slate 303
Roofing Roof Repair – Tile 309
Roofing Roof Repair – Wood Shake/Comp. 305
Roofing Roof Repair-Flat / SinglePly 311
Roofing Roof Replace – Asphalt Shingle 325
Roofing Roof Replace – Flat/SinglePly 335
Roofing Roof Replace – Metal 331
Roofing Roof Replace – Natural Slate 327
Roofing Roof Replace – Tile 333
Roofing Roof Replace – Wood Shake 329
Roofing Skylight Install 10
Tile Backsplash Installation 120
Tile Bathroom/Shower Install 114
Tile Bathroom/Shower Repair 115
Tile Grout Repair/Replacement 117
Tile Natural Stone (Granite/Marble/Slate/etc) 116
Tile Tile & Grout Cleaning 118
Tile Tile Floor Install 111
Tile Tile Floor Repair 112
Tile Walls/Backsplash 113

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