How To Clean Gutter | Benefits Of Gutter Cleaning

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Clean The Gutter, But Why & How?

It’s important to maintain your gutters regularly to ensure they work to remove rainwater away from the home. A clogged gutter can cause leaks or flooding within the home and can be expensive to repair.

Gutters are a modern home’s first defense against water damage so it’s important to install them correctly but more than that, clean gutter properly to save money. Clogged up gutters can block drain pipes and restrict water on the roof, eaves and numerous other parts of your house. It can increase the chances of internal damage to ceilings and walls. Clearing twigs and leaves from gutter can decrease the chances of water damage.

12 Eye Opening benefits of Gutter Cleaning!

1. You Will Save Money in the Long Run
2. Prevent Pest Infestations from Occurring
3. Remove water efficiently away from the house
4. Reduce Chances of Issues with Your Garden Beds
5. Prolong the Life of Your Gutters
6. Clean Your Gutters to Protect Your Physical Health
7. Stop Roof Damage from Occurring on Your Property
8. Ensure Foundations are Safe and Protected
9. Avoid Damage to Your Wood, Siding, and Paint
10. Leaves, sticks and other debris can build up
11. Clogged up gutters can block drain pipes and restrict water on the roof
12. Protect Your Building’s Entire Structure

Now you know why Gutter Cleaning is One of Your Top Priorities, lets get into how to clean the gutter efficiently like a pro.

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Easy Steps on How To Clean The Gutters?

How To Clean Gutter | Benefits Of Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Tools

  • Protective Eye wear
  • Gloves
  • Hose
  • Ladder
  • Bucket
  • Plastic Gutter Scoop
  • Rope or Cord


How To Clean Gutter | Benefits Of Gutter Cleaning

DIY Gutter Cleaning

Step 1. Block Downpipe

Prepare your tools. Once you have all your materials together, carefully climb the ladder to access the gutter. Place a cloth in the way of the downpipe to block it and avoid debris falling down it during cleaning.


Step 2: Begin To Remove Debris

Don’t rush the debris removal. Starting at the downpipes, move along the gutter using the trowel to gather and remove large debris and put it in the bucket.  Keep an eye out as you go for any holes or damage to your gutter. You will want to get this repaired as soon as possible.


Step 3: Flush, Brush Gutters & Downspouts

When you’ve removed all the large debris, you’ll want to flush your gutters to eliminate any extra debris. Use a stiff brush to remove any stubborn dirt deposits.


Step 4: Hose Gutters

Wash the now debris-free gutters with a hose, which you should aim towards the downspout. Keep an eye out for any leaks in the guttering as you hose.


Telescopic Gutter Wand:

This is an alternative gutter cleaning tool shown in below YouTube video where you may not need ladder!

How To Clean Gutter | Benefits Of Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Cost

To save your wallet, it’s a good idea to invest in gutter cleaning. The average cost to clean gutters is $145 with most homeowners spending between $112 and $152. Majority of the cost comes from labor. If you choose to DIY, you can save money, however, there are some risks associated.


Average Cost to Install Gutters

How To Clean Gutter | Benefits Of Gutter Cleaning

$850 – $1,000200 linear ft as of date 04/2020 [According to]


How to Repair a Gutter | Viral YouTube Video


DIY Gutter Cleaning. No Ladders Required! YouTube Video



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