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5 Common Mistakes That Cause end-of-year Tax to Fail

5 Common Mistakes That Cause end-of-year Tax to Fail

Tax Filing Rules, Deadline, Status. File Tax Properly.

End-of-year tax filing is a technical task and many taxpayers make general mistake while filing their returns. The issue is, tax-filing has complex rules. However, the process itself is not complicated. But people still make mistakes owing to the complex rules. Tax Planning is not a common concept among taxpayers and they do not pay much focus on the taxes and returns.

If they were aware of the services, they could hire a Professional Tax Planner and get things sorted. Here are 5 common mistakes that cause end-of-year tax to fail.

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1) Delay In Tax-Filing

Many taxpayers make this most common mistake of delaying the process and not filing tax in time. Waiting until the 11th hour can really cause major problems in reporting tax details. If there are some technical issues in submission, then there are chances you will miss the deadline while completing and submitting the forms. If the tax is not filed in time, then you will have to face certain consequences.

There are also some procrastinators who fail to file tax at all. They miss the deadline and they do not even file their returns afterwards. Being an active tax filer and taxpayer has its own perks. However, not filing tax at all can guarantee those perks taken away from you.

2) Incorrect or Incomplete Data

While filling out the forms, you have to be conscious when you are filling the required information. False information can make you a manipulator. No field should be left blank, there should not be any crossings or overwriting on the form. You can use your previous form as a sample and fill your current year form using the old year format and information as sample. However, do not copy paste any data unless it is still the same and you have documentary proof of it.

You should also try not to make any mathematical or calculative mistakes. Typographical mistakes are also not allowed while filling out the form. You should not try multitasking while you are working on your tax filing as distraction can cost you.

You can also use tax preparation software for ease as the required information on the form can be confusing. You can answer simple questions on the software and you will get the required numbers. Arithmetic and figure transferring errors are one of the most common mistakes. Math issues will not give you a correct figure of your taxes.

3) Updated With Latest Tax News & Rules

You have to keep yourself updated with latest tax news and rules. Tax codes and rules are changed every year, though slightly. You can consult the internet and tax blogs of your state to make sure that you are aware of all the rules and regulations.

4) Retaining A Tax Copy For Yourself

This is another common mistake taxpayer do during tax planning. They do not keep a copy of tax returns for their own record. The tax experts recommendations are that you should keep your tax records for the last three years with you. Those taxpayers who do not keep a copy, face issues later when the tax returns are demanded by financial institutions or banks.

5) Wrong Tax Forms & Wrong Status


5 Common Mistakes That Cause end-of-year Tax to Fail


The tax filers are required to complete income tax forms regardless of their tax situation. You should be aware of the forms currently in use and which form is applicable on you. Filling out incorrect tax form will cause wastage of time. Forms also get revised sometimes so it is better to get the latest available form and make sure you have the right form before you start filling it.

One of the best way is to get professional tax planning services who may help you covering the milestones. However, there are a few things that you should know. Salaried tax filers and businesspersons have different sets of income. Therefore, everyone should be filing the forms according to their occupation and income. Moreover, you should also report your status correctly in tax filing. The tax rates are applicable as per your filing status. For example, single or married, you have to specify. If you are the head of the household or if you are a widow or widower then you should also confirm that in the form. Married couples can file taxes jointly as well and mark correct and relevant marital and filing status on the form.


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