How to Get Your Insulated Glass Window Repaired in a Budget?


Repair Broken Insulated Glass Window With Small Budget

Your window might serve you for years, only to get broken in the most unexpected ways or end up accumulating dust and dirt over the years, leading to a fogged window. While you would like to replace it, you have learned that insulated glass repair of windows isn’t as cheap as it used to be.

Initially, it could be handled with a piece of glass and some compounds but repairing insulated glass windows has become a costly affair. More so if you were to hire a professional to do the job.

The cost of repairing insulated glass windows can range from $20 to $100 and it all depends on how you choose to spend your budget. Well, one thing you can do is skip on the cost of hiring professionals for insulated glass repair by doing it yourself.


Count the Cost of Repair

The most important thing you need to know about fogged insulated glass repair of windows is how to calculate the cost. To do this, you should first remove the sash along with the broken or fogged glass. You can take it to a specialist in the field.


You will have an accurate measurement of the size and thickness of the panel and they can even find the manufacturer in case you have forgotten or didn’t order the window glass yourself. They can also check whether they can do the fogged insulated glass repair under warranty.


Once they are done checking the details, they will tell you how much a new glass could cost and what you will have to pay if you want to install it into the old frame? If the insulated glass repair has to be done in your home, the cost could triple or double. Make sure to ask around a bit and check out other specialists in the market.

insulated glass

If after calculating the cost, it turns out installing it yourself would be better for you, you can proceed to the next step. Be certain that you can do the job; otherwise you might end up spending more by yourself than with the help of a professional. Also, when you are buying the glass, make sure to ask for warranty from the manufacturers. They are a bit reluctant about handing out warranty when they don’t install the glass themselves.


In general, there are a total of three methods for insulated glass window repair. We will learn about it in the next step.


1. Gasket Seal Method

This is the easiest one of the methods. Both assembling and reassembling can be done in record time. A gasket of vinyl or neoprene covers the edges of the insulated glass. Each corner of the frame is secured tightly by one screw respectively. It has grooves in the frame that holds the glass together.

Get Rid of Corner Screws

Remove the corner screws diagonally from the opposite ends. Keep the other screws in their place, so as to reassemble the frame squarely.

Remove the Frame

For this you are going to need a hammer and a wooden block. Remove the frame by tapping on the wooden block with the hammer while holding the block side to side to the frame. Don’t rush this process. Take your time and do it carefully, otherwise you can damage the frame.

Remove the Gasket

Take out your old gasket and wrap the new insulated glass with it instead. You can stick the frame back around the gasket now. If needed, use a hammer to do so.

You might notice gaps in the small corners. Seal them with a drop of silicone, which keeps the water in check.


2. Adhesive Tape Seal Method

Adhesive Tape

Some manufacturers tend to seal windows with a double-faced adhesive “setting” tape. On one side, you will find removable vinyl, aluminum or wood stops. On the other side, the glass and tape are glued together by adhesive tape. For this, they 1⁄6 or ⅛ size tape. This leaves enough room for someone to make use of putty knife and slip it between the glass and the frame, so the tape can be sliced off.

Get Rid of the Stops

Unhinge the stops with a putty knife- one that has a thin blade. Start from the top, make your way to the sides and then take care of the bottom part.

Remove the Tape

Now, flip over the window. Using a utility knife or putty knife cut through the tape bond. If the space turns out to be too narrow for you to slide the knife in, you might have to break out the glass.

Replace the Tape

Make sure to scrape any and every trace of adhesive and old tape from the frame. Once done, it’s time for you to attach a new tape in its place. You can get rid of any residual adhesive with paint thinner. Installation of the New Glass

Carefully place the glass over the frame and drop it inside. You must do this part with utmost precision. Once you have attached the glass, that is once the glass is in contact with the tape, it is permanently attached. You can’t readjust it, which will mean you will have to remove the tape and scrape the glass all over again.


To make sure the setting is accurate, let the frame rest upright on a wall. Ask another person to hold it in place while you first attach the bottom to the edge of the frame and then slowly tip over the entire glass piece into the frame. Once done, replace the stops. As for any gaps left at the corner, the silicone option is always there.


3. Caulk Seal Method

This is the hardest one of the insulated glass window repair methods. Once you caulk the glass into the frame, it remains glued permanently. Even the stops are caulked and cutting it off with a knife is a huge risk. You might have to let go of any attachment you have to the old glass and mash it into tiny pieces.

Get Rid of the Stops

You will have to slowly and gradually remove the stops by using a putty knife or a pry bar. A bit of carelessness and the frame could be damaged.

Break the Glass

Turn over the window and cover it with a cardboard. Now, use a hammer to smash it close to the area of the frame. For your own safety, wear goggles, mask and leather gloves.

Remove the Glass

Once the old glass has been smashed, pry out the glass. If it looks like the frame might crack, use a heat gun as it softens the adhesive. Now clean and scrape the edges.

Set the New Glass

The clear silicone can show its full potential as you apply it to the frame. Drop the new insulated glass over it. Make sure to position the blocks properly. Along the back of the stops, run the barest of the caulk and then attach them in with a six-inch space from each other. You can get rid of the extra caulk with a razor after it dries off.

glass window repair


Now that you have all the knowledge you require to get your repair insulated window glass, it’s up to you which method you will use.

You can ask Fab Glass and Mirror specialists for help with the pricing and get a clear picture of installation charges. You can also order insulated glass piece from the company. The only goal we have is to bring you affordable glass for your daily needs.

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