The Art Of Interior Painting – Select The Right Color Palette For Your Home

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The Art Of Interior Painting? You can tell a lot about homeowners by taking a look at the colors of the interior of their homes.

Your choice of the interior color might also impact the value of your home. Here is everything you need to know about the interior color:

What Type Of Paint Should You Go For?

There are two different kinds of paints that homeowners can choose. These include:

  • Latex paints
  • Oil paints

Latex paint is most commonly used in homes and is widely available. It lasts for a long time and is very easy to clean up.

Oil paint, on the other hand, is preferable if you have wooden trims and moldings. This is because oil paints can seal the knots better than latex paint. However, it takes a long time for oil paints to dry and they can make breathing difficult for homeowners.

The Sheen

Rooms with a lot of traffic, like children’s room look better with glossier paints. This is because this kind of paint is a lot easier to clean up.

Glossier paint is also visually quite appealing and makes your walls look great. For the kitchen and bathroom, it is preferable that you choose semi gloss paint.

What Color You Should Choose

People, who are thinking of selling their homes, should go for white colored walls. This will allow the new buyers to paint the walls with a color they like once they move in. Each color has a different effect on your home.

For example, colors like blue, green, and purple make the rooms in your house look larger. On the other hand colors like red give your home a vibrant feel.

People Who Want A Subtle Look

The Art Of Interior Painting

The Art Of Interior Painting? Monochromatic colors like blue and its shades have a soothing effect on your home. They give a calm and comfortable feeling.

Homeowners can also make use of different kinds of textures, which make the room look even more appealing. There is no need to stick with just one room and texture. Feel free to experiment.

People Who Want An Elegant Look

The Art Of Interior Painting

You can use neutral colors in order to make your rooms look elegant. You can paint the walls white and add a brown red trims at the edges in order to give the room an elegant look.

Homeowners can also increase the depth of the color in order to alter the appearance of the room.

Color for the ceiling

The Art Of Interior Painting

Painting the ceiling with a darker shade makes it look lower in height. You also have the option of choosing a comparatively lighter shade of color for the ceiling. This makes the room look elegant and visually appealing.

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