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When to buy house

When to buy house?

When to buy house? Get illuminated with some insightful answers related to home buying, home selling & real estate market. Pick the season, time favorable for buyers, not sellers. Learn tricks to get beautiful homes cheaper and quicker!

When to buy house is a question which may be important for some but not for others! Of course people buy home when its required, but if not in hurry, pick the season, time which is favorable for buyers, not sellers.

Actually each season has different impact and effect on the real estate market. If you want to save money when purchasing house, read on.

OK, Before all, make decision, should you buy home now? If this decision is not yet made, please click here for some insight full information.

Now that answer to our main question – When to buy house is

When to buy house

1. Winter:

Yes, sounds weird, but winter is the time when few people are searching for house. This means you will get full attention from Best real estate agents hence you get to do through house hunting and bargain! This also means fewer chances of multiple offer on the house you liked.

Another important reason why winter is best time to buy house is due to lower inventory which means less competition. Now this means supply exceeds demand which results in prices being lower than during the hot or peak season. The prime time for property buyers, the cold weather gives purchasers the chance to snag their own residence for a lower price tag. Why? Because of a lack of competition.

Properties up for sale during this period usually suggest that the vendors are hoping to get some quick cash through a fast sale. As a result, they are usually willing to compromise with the buyer on terms and conditions, even the price. Of course, a slower market means that prospective owners will have a smaller number of properties to choose from, which can be a downside for particular buyers.

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2. Start of the New Year:

January is usually the trough of the real estate market, with November and December being the crest.

The first month of the year is likely the most opportune time to for buyers to get a house since they can be able to find a bargain on a property that was passed in before Christmas as most buyers also want to settle in before vacation starts.

Another good thing about purchasing properties during the beginning of the year is that most transactions will be regarded as a private treaty sale, wherein price negotiations along the way can be made between the two parties.

3. Spring:

Spring is busiest period for property sellers, flowers in bloom marks the start of stiff competition among prospective buyers which means higher prices, less time for house hunting.

4. Summer:

Fun summer is when most mortgage deals are done, according to statistics.
And sellers do take advantages of this reason as the weather also starts to lighten up and environment is bright, creates perfect scenes for domestic properties looking beautiful and buyers get tempted!

5. Autumn:

Beautiful autumn marks the beginning of holidays, families – will, most often than not, be on vacations with their kids, that can cause hole in the real estate market.
Now that the peak of the year’s house buying frenzy is dying down, there is less competition among buyers, so the prices will naturally come down, even if only slightly.
Unfortunately, the drawback to this is there might be potentially lesser houses, villas, farms, properties up on the market – vendors often hold off on selling homes while they wait for the next hot market so they can take advantage of buyers willing to pay full price.


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