Bar Counter For Homes, Restaurants & Hotels – Types, Prices, Variants & Sourcing Options

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In recent years, bar counters have grown significantly in popularity. What was one a architectural idea that was a staple only in some parts of the United States has now grown to become a wildly used fixture in homes and commercial establishments worldwide.

However, while advancements in technology and global supply chain has enabled most furniture’s & fixtures to be available in every nook and corner of the world at extremely lucrative prices and options. Counter tops, especially those used by commercial establishments have still been flying largely under the radar with little to no significant improvements in product quality or variety on offer to the consumers at large.

Part of the reason is the fine distinction between furniture and a “fixture”. Bar counters have typically been something that the contractor takes care of and homeowner or the restaurant owner later on simply goes ahead and sources the countertop or other minor elements like the counter railing.

When a product is bulky or relatively immobile, it is also tougher for consumers to enjoy the benefits of free trade and globalization to fulfil the need that the product satisfies.

However, several companies in developing economies of India & China have been able to manufacture counters both of a commercial & a retail nature while retaining properties that make it feasible for trading these products globally.

Before we go on with the places and methods to source bar counters, let’s explain the different types designs of restaurant bar counters. You can also check out on restaurant & café counter designs by FurnitureRoots that has covered the topic much more comprehensively.


By Shape

1. L Shaped Bar Counter

bar counter

Typically used by small coffee shops. These are usually made on a corner such that they enclose the centre of the counter. For one, the personnel at the centre of the counter are able to stock their paraphernalia at the corner bit of the counter


2. Four Fronted Counters

four fronted counters

These are typically used in large establishments, Some of these also go a full circle and they occupy a whole lot of place. Almost exclusively used in establishments where what is being served in the counter is the highlight of the establishment like a pub or a sushi bar. Here’s a vague representation.


3. Single Fronted Counter

single fronted counter

These are used in smaller cafes and restaurants. These are also heavily used in relatively larger homes where the homeowner is what one might call an “alcohol enthusiast”. The single fronted counter is a classic staple for small and medium businesses. Here’s an example.


By Styling

1. Industrial-Modern Styles

Mainly used in restaurants & cafés that want to display a chic and rugged appeal. Industrial-modern styles are often a staple of relatively larger bars/fine-dining establishments or pubs and clubs that need to manifest an urban appeal


2. Rustic Style Counter

rustic style counter

These counters are better suited for weekend brunches at a cozy café. Boutique restaurants, family-themed cafes and dining establishments that want to display a Victorian & old-world charm typically prefer these kinds of counters. These pictures would make it abundantly clear.

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How Do I Even Get One Custom Made?

As mentioned earlier, restaurant counters are typically sourced from a well-known local carpenter. While that may be great for local businesses. It is hardly ever cost-effective & at the end of the day you probably will get something that was not worth the money you’ve spent.

But if you dig deeper, you will realise that there are several manufacturers that specialise in hospitality furniture who can easily supply a deconstructed version of the exact same kind that you require and dispatch the, to you within a 5-8 weeks.

With the growing resentment against importing from China, importers can still resort to growing manufacturing hubs in India & Vietnam in order to fulfil their requirements for sourcing the best in class bar counters.


Top Things To Keep In Mind

The counters can be made available in stainless steel, solid-wood, high-quality marble like quartz/granite, bent-metal and just about any other material that one can think of. Apart from this, one should also ensure that the design and styling of the railing is taken into account.

Since these counters are used for liquor or culinary purposes, they are almost always built with built-in compartments for kegs, wine storage, refrigerators, electric sockets and so on.


How To Run Checks On The Counter

One of the most complicated bits to get right about the counter would be the Counter Base because  they have to not only provide structural support but also have to leave ample space for storage. Make sure that piece you are sourcing is built out of sturdy materials like solid-wood or cast iron. Keep a look out for pieces that have used engineered/fabricated types of wood like plywood in order to cut corners when it comes to expenses in manufacturing these.

Almost all good-quality counters also come with counter-tops that are able to remove stains and and spillages with relative ease. This is something that must be ensured from the get-go.

Counters should also come with feet railing that makes sitting in a high chair a much more peaceful& less-fearsome experience. Typically, railings are 6-10 inches from the ground. Keep a keen eye out for loose railings that fall away easily and for railings that are not within the aforementioned range.

In order to accentuate the aesthetic beauty of a counter, a great design & combination of materials is simply not enough. The manufacturer that you will be sourcing your counter from will have ample amount of prior experience with setting up lighting for the counter in order to ensure that the important and most pleasing design elements of the counter are made readily apparent. Insist on LED lighting tapes that are above 250 in lumen count. Anything less that that simply doesn’t have the mojo to showcase the quality of your bar counter.

We hope this guide was able to inform you and aid you in your decision making. Please do get in touch with us for more information regarding this.



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