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10 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Value With Paint Job | Home Improvement

10 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Value With Paint Job | Home Improvement

All homeowners, do paint job easily or hire easily!

Most homeowners looking to sell their property often ask – is it a good time to sell my home? Is there an uptrend in the market or are the prices going down? The fact uptrend and downtrend in the property market is constant phenomenon and there is no good or bad time to sell a property since they transact always. If you are getting good return on your investment it is always a good time to sell irrespective of the trend in the market.

To fetch the best price you need to work on adding to the value of your property. We don’t suggest huge investments on remodeling as this might often raise your expectations and limit the number of buyers. What you need to aim for is adding that extra bit of elegance to your property and increasing is curb appeal. There is no better way of doing this than targeting your property’s exterior with a good paint job.

10 Tips to Boost Your Home's Value With Paint Job | Home Improvement
If you choose the right residential painter they would help you increase your property’s appeal and value in quick time. Among all other types of maintenance contractors a house painter is perhaps the only one who can add to your home’s grandeur without hurting a hole in your pocket. Here are 10 tips to increase your property’s value with exterior painting when you have a professional residential painting contractor by your side –

  1. Don’t avoid small repairs – While you aren’t willing to spend huge sums of money on the paint job don’t cut the corners avoiding small repairs. If the plaster on the walls is peeling off ask your contractor to repair them. A damaged lighting fixture needs to be replaced and so on.
  2. Ask for suggestion on colors – Your residential painting contractor is the best person to advise you on the color shades and you can ask them for suggestions.
  3. Trending styles aren’t always good –You may have gone through several home improvement jobs during your last paint job and tried styles that are emerging in trend. Your priorities are different and better play safe this time.
  4. Don’t Over Personalize It – Remember you are planning to sell it and hence your exterior paint job shouldn’t be over-personalized. If your personal favorite shade aren’t too popular in the market better stay away from them as they might just turn away the prospective buyer.
  5. Choose shades in natural light – Some color shades look great when the property is well lit at night or on a sunny day, avoid time. Instead choose shades that look good in natural light. Perspective buyer may arrive on a cloudy afternoon and the property should attract them.
  6. Pick colors complementing exteriors – If you don’t live in the White House don’t try and copy that style. Figure out which shades complement your exteriors best and opt for those.
  7. Dark vs Light – If your yard is small and property is big go for dark colors as they tend to create a perception of smaller structure. If you have a large yard choose lighter shades as they make your property appear bigger.
  8. Play with contrast – There is no better way to get a perfect exterior paint job done than playing with contrast. It will add to the appeal of your property.
  9. Highlight intricate work – If you have intricate work on the exterior of your property highlight it by picking the right shades of color.
  10. Windows and Doors – Pay attention to the shades you choose for the windows and doors of your property. They define the success of the paint job. They should seamlessly blend with the color of the exterior walls of the property or materials such as stone, vinyl and tile if you have those on your walls.

10 Tips to Boost Your Home's Value With Paint Job | Home Improvement

Sounds good, right? It is time to get started by choosing the right residential painter and prepare your property for a sale.

Summary – In this write-up we look at ten tips of boosting the value of your home buy working with a residential painting contractor.


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