6 Design And Architecture Inspirations For Your Home Or Workplace

Interior Design Tricks

6 Design and Architecture Inspirations for Your Home or Workplace

Interior Design Tricks

Whether you are designing a new home or a new office, being bold in your architectural methods and design choices is an exciting and forward-thinking step. Having an inspirational building can inspire those within it to be relaxed, creative or hard-working, depending on the environment.

Both generic architectural features and specific examples of existing buildings are useful for inspiring your future choices. These six are fantastic examples of spaces and design aspects that make the most of their environments.

1. Open plan living

Box rooms and dimly lit corridors were once the norm of even the most expensive of houses, but open plan living is now here to stay. Removing intersecting walls and unnecessary doors encourages interaction between members of the household and better enables a home to be used as a party space for welcoming and memorable events. To think that once upon a time, small hatches were the only link between kitchens and dining rooms is quite bizarre now that the kitchen-dining and even kitchen-dining-living room open plan spaces are so popular.


2. Macomb-Oakland Region Center

This specific example of stunning Detroit design is an inspiration for anybody looking to build a new office. The workspaces are open and airy, with fantastic break and meeting rooms.

Even the bathrooms are sleek and elegant, making every moment spent at work a well-designed and functional one. Not only does this office look incredible, but its renovation also includes improving its accessibility by widening its corridors. Notably, an autism clinic was also installed.


3. Water walkways

Water walkways are features that look like rivers or lakes following a path in your garden or home. Water features come in many shapes and sizes, but having an oblong or shimmering water that lines the sleek pathways of your garden is surely one of the most stunning. With a distinctly peaceful feel in comparison to other types of fountain, a water walkway would be the talk of any town.


4. Balconies

Balconies are perhaps one of the most serially underrated architectural aspects of homes and offices. Any property or building is enhanced by the appearance of a space to spend a moment outdoors on any floor, either to catch some air, enjoy a coffee or grow some plants. The best balcony designs allow the user to make it their own while looking aesthetically pleasing from the outside.


5. Shared workspaces

The different ways in which you can design left-field shared workspaces are endless. One cheap yet great looking option is to paint up picnic benches and use them as collaborative working areas. Fitting four or six people around a table — made even more comfortable with the addition of some cushions — is certain to get the creative juices flowing.


6. Focus rooms

If it’s less time together and more time alone that your office space needs, look into the design opportunities for effective focus rooms. Perhaps all four walls could be made from material you can draw on and erase with ease, making mind maps and organization easier.



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