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How To Repair Dry Wall. Best Spackle For Walls

How To Repair Dry Wall. Best Spackle For Walls

Fix your wall holes with simple drywall crack repair tips.

Get rid of small dings and dents, drywall crack on your dry wall fast and easy.

How To Repair Dry Wall?

  1. Scrape away loose debris.
  2. Then apply light weight Spackle over that hole on wall and wait till it completely dry.
  3. Add more Spackle as needed to completely fill the hole. Obviously you never want to leave some hole right? So just fill all hole accordingly. Its very easy!
  4. Then sand smooth with any sanding material or sanders.
  5. If its popped nail head you need to remove and fix from dry wall, drive in a dry wall screw about 1-1/2 inches above or below to hold the dry wall.
  6. Then drive in the popped nail, use Spackle then sane it as mentioned above!

If its hole from door knob, it can be quickly fixed using any patch kit which ranges from $9 to $25. They are also called wall repair kit.

How To Repair Dry Wall

How to use wall repair kit to Repair Dry Wall?

1. Stick mesh over the hole.
2. Use drywall knife to cover with lightweight joint compound in crisscross or up/down patter. [drywall knife is basically made of plastic used as plaster. See image below of drywall knife]
3. Always feather the edges so compound blends with wall.
4. Let it dry.
5. Add second round of compound if first layer was not enough.


What is California patch?

Fixing 6 inches or less dry wall holes is called California patch.

  1. Cut any new piece of drywall, about 2 inches bigger than the hole on your will.
  2. Score the back about an inch from each side.
  3. Snap off the loose gypsum leaving paper for backing.
  4. Hold it over the hole and mark around the gypsum using pen or pencil.
  5. Cut out the area with drywall saw.
  6. Apply joint compound to the back of the paper.
  7. Press into place and cover with a 1 or 2 coats of joint compound.

How To Repair Dry Wall

For larger holes cut dry wall piece little bigger than the hole to cover hole completely!

  1. Hold the patch over the hole, trace it, and cut along the lines.
  2. Hold small furring strips inside the hole on two sides.
  3. Then secure with screws using drill machine.
  4. After that set the dry wall patch in the space and secure it to the furring strips.
  5. Apply joint tape and compound.

Got a dinged up corner?

  1. Cut the damaged corner bead with hacksaw and use knife to cut dry wall.
  2. Remove the damaged piece, then cut new corner bead to fit.
  3. Secure the piece then apply joint compound to all corner.
  4. Finish this repair with light sanding, paint, primer to make look great!

How To Repair Dry Wall


If you are repairing textured wall, lightly sand the repair place to blend with the surface.

  1. Then mix 4 parts joint compound to 1 part water
  2. Dip stiff brush to the mix, lick it on to the wall in a forward motion.
  3. Another option is Homax wall texture spray.
  4. Shake the can of Homax wall texture spray, adjust nozzle. Spray in a circular motion about 6-18 inches from the wall.
  5. You will see some texture or bubble.
  6. To smoothen this, lightly flatten with any drywall knife for knockdown finish.
  7. With these few simple steps, you broken drywall will look like new.

Hope you will enjoy reading this informative article on How To Repair Dry Wall and make use of it. This is an awesome DIY tips for How To Repair Dry Wall, which can be done by pros and newbies without any hassle.


Viral YouTube Drywall Repair Videos




Spackle for walls

Dap 12374 Crack Shot Spackling Interior/Exterior, 1/2-Pint
  • This product adds a great value
  • Knife grade/smooth texture
  • Sands easily
  • This professional formula will not shrink and will not 'flash' paint.
  • For interior and exterior applications.
3M PPP-16-BB Patch Plus Primer Lightweight Spackling, 16 fl. oz 1 tub, Gray, 16 Ounce
  • Hides repair after painting
  • No shrinking or cracking
  • Ready to paint in 30 minutes
  • Country of Origin: United States
3M PPP-3-4IN1T Patch Plus Primer 4-in-1, 3 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), White
  • Contains Spackle, Primer, Putty Knife, Sanding Pad
  • Everything you need to complete small repairs
  • Great for filling nail holes
  • Use it for a variety of projects at home
Red Devil 0542 Onetime Lightweight Spackling, 1/2Pint, White
  • Red Devil Onetime Lightweight Spackling fills dents, cracks, nail holes and other small holes in interior and exterior surfaces such as drywall, plaster, wood and stucco white grout formulated for use on ceramic and mosaic tile
  • This lightweight, pre-mixed formula spreads easily for fast, professional repairs to walls and ceilings in just one application
  • It dries fast, doesn't need sanding and won't shrink, crack or flake improved durability
  • Can be painted within minutes and cleans up easily with water
  • Adheres to Plaster, Wood, Drywall, Stucco
3M PPP Kit with 8 fl. oz Plus Primer, Self-Adhesive Patch, Putty Knife and Sanding Pad, 1 tub
352 Reviews
3M PPP Kit with 8 fl. oz Plus Primer, Self-Adhesive Patch, Putty Knife and Sanding Pad, 1 tub
  • It includes an 8 fl oz tub of Patch plus primer
  • A 4'' self-adhesive patch is included
  • Use the 3'' putty knife to make repair
  • Use the 3M sanding pad to smooth the surface after patching
  • 3M Wall Repair Kit contains all the tools necessary to make wall repairs easy


Drywall Knife | Putty Knife

3M PPP Kit with 8 fl. oz Plus Primer, Self-Adhesive Patch, Putty Knife and Sanding Pad, 1 tub
352 Reviews
3M PPP Kit with 8 fl. oz Plus Primer, Self-Adhesive Patch, Putty Knife and Sanding Pad, 1 tub
  • It includes an 8 fl oz tub of Patch plus primer
  • A 4'' self-adhesive patch is included
  • Use the 3'' putty knife to make repair
  • Use the 3M sanding pad to smooth the surface after patching
  • 3M Wall Repair Kit contains all the tools necessary to make wall repairs easy
Red Devil 1212 6" x 6" Wall patches, Pack of 5
  • Permanent repair on walls and ceilings
  • Self-adhesive
  • Provides professional results
  • Composed of rust-proof, galvanized steel
  • Easy to use
Warner 90127A ProGrip Full Flex Putty Knife, 1-1/2".
  • This product adds a great value
  • High-quality Carbon steel blades
  • Large hang-hole size
4" Putty Knife (HEAVY DUTY - FLEXIBLE STIFF BROAD KNIFE BLADE) Paint & Wall Scraper - Carbon Steel - Ergonomic Comfort Handle - Perfect for Spackle, Spreading Scraping Walls, Floors, Tile, More!
  • 4" CARBON STRENGTH STEEL BLADE - In a Beautiful Mirrored Polished Finish
  • STRONG & FLEXIBLE - Blade is Designed with the Perfect Amount of Flex making it Strong, Durable, and Versatile
  • ERGONOMIC COMFORT HANDLE - Soft Rubberized Ergonomically Handle Provides Resistance to Muscle Fatigue
  • PERFECT FOR ANY PROJECT - Including Spackling, Painting, Spreading, and More!
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - Tarvol Guarantees All of It's Products and Tools for Life!
7 PCS Drywall Tools, Putty Knife Set, 50# Steel Drywall Knife, Scraper Putty Knives, Spackle Knife, Wallpaper Scraper, Painters Tool, Crown Molding Tool, Paint Remover for Wood GJB56
  • TOP-NOTCH QUALITY: It is not just meant to be good in style but to ease down your worries. Wondering how? Well, this drywall tools set comes in black colour made from Steel and 600D Oxford Cloth, the handles are made of good quality. Besides, the handles are made sturdy for lasting grip while the blades are so flexible and easy to control during your work that you least have to be worried of anything
  • A PERFECT TOOL SET: With compact storage compartments for different size and small size tools, it is a perfect tool set solution. It comes with 7 set of putty knives of different sizes. This way you can work comfortable in the limited corner with ease.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: You can fold this Steel Drywall Knife storage bag that measures 7 PCS putty knives/drywall knives( 1" , 1.5" , 2" , 2.5" , 3" , 4" and 5" ) without worrying about the set-up of the putty knives. Besides, the tools stays secured and tidy when you travel ling distance
  • PERFECT GIFTING IDEA: This set of putty knife is Christmas and Thanksgiving best for DIYer or homeowners who tend to perform lot of operations, do drywall taping, joints, apply materials and even scraping and removing the loose paint often. For a professional person of this field, this can be a perfect set to carry along.


Homax wall texture

Popcorn Ceiling Patch, White, 1 Quart., Ceiling Repair
  • Premixed, ready to use popcorn ceiling texture with polystyrene chips
  • Repairs stained, scraped and damaged Acoustic ceilings
  • Conceals holes, Scuffs, scrapes, cracks and other damage
  • Apply in seconds with non mess
  • Easy clean up with water
Roll On Paint Additive, Mixes with 1 gal of Paint, Sand Texture, Decorative Paint Mix
  • Texture and paint in one easy step
  • Fine aggregate creates subtle stand finish
  • Great for hiding imperfections or damaged areas in drywall
  • Hide nail holes, rips, dents, dings, etc
  • Mixes with one gallon of paint
Roll On Wall Texture White, 2 gal, Smooth Decorative Finish
  • Ready to use, roll-on smooth wall and ceiling decorative finish
  • Use with different applicators to create a variety of unique texture patterns
  • Hides surface imperfections on interior walls and ceilings
  • Low odor, paintable, whistle
  • 2 gallon tub will cover up to 150 square feet
Oil Base Orange Peel Wall Texture Size: 8.5" H x 2" W x 2" D
  • The original oil-based spray texture is the fastest way to patch "orange peel" and splatter drywall textures. The ultra-fast drying texture excels at replicating superfine orange peel finishes and is preferred by both contractors and DIYers who seek fast job completion. | Quick and easy to use, oil based | Different size spray patterns are achieved by using one of the three color-coded straws for a perfect match on "orange peel" type splatter textures | Covers up to 50 square feet



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