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How To Purchase Clarinet

How To Purchase Clarinet

How To Purchase Clarinet? Planning to invest in woodwind family of instruments? Clarinet is a great place to start. The other instruments include flute and oboe, and the only way to distinguish between them is the size and construction of the instruments. The common material used to construct the clarinet or any woodwind instrument for that matter is wood. The main reason being they produce a bass along with a deep sound. Today, obviously you find more of the metal-based woodwind instruments. When you look at an orchestra, the first thing that catches your eye is probably the clarinet.


Not just for the sound it produces, which is obviously high pitched, but also because it is centrally placed in the orchestra. There are quite a few things about the orchestra that you ought to know before you can equip your musical room with it. For one, the octave notes that are created on the clarinet are made using the coordinated hand movements. When you are planning to choose a clarinet, there are a few things that you might want to consider. You should always invest in a clarinet insurance to keep the instrument safe.

How To Purchase Clarinet?


The size of the player plays a significant role in deciding the woodwind instrument that you should be buying. Most players start with a flute or a clarinet, and they are good for people between 10 and 12 years. A student with small hands may not be able to cover all the tone holes which can cause the tones to produce wrong sounds. It is important that you buy the instrument that fits your hands perfectly. The idea is to be able to hold the instrument comfortably.


Front Teeth

It is important that the front teeth be present when you are out to pick up the woodwind instrument. The front teeth help in supporting the embouchure of your woodwind instrument. Braces will also not help you play the instrument perfectly. In fact, without the front teeth you will feel the pain when playing the instrument. You can use orthodontic wax that will help minimize the discomfort.


Concentration Levels

When picking a woodwind instrument, make sure you take the concentration levels into consideration. The beginner woodwind instrument will help the players concentrate for some time say 10-15 minutes, which allows them to focus on playing and learning. Clarinet or flute is good for beginners while, you should opt for bassoon or oboe if you are at an advanced level both age and musical knowledge wise. The reason being the oboe or the bassoon is a more complex and advanced level instrument requiring higher concentration levels.



As we have already mentioned, it is important you invest in insurance as well. The clarinet insurance will help protect the instrument and will make way for less trouble to your pockets. The best way to look for providers is by researching online and finding someone who meets your individual criteria for insurance buying, and also looks into service and maintenance. It is always important to look for providers who can offer the insurance at a budget that you are able to invest.

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