13 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t-Miss In 2019

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The influence of Marketing in business is undeniable. A properly implemented marketing and advertising campaign can increase demand for products and services, thereby generating profits for the business. However, the strong development of technology requires marketing strategies that need to change to adapt.


Digital marketing trends 2019 are many different areas that we will use for online marketing for our businesses. It includes content marketing, social media marketing and all that. But what are the upcoming big trends, what should we do to get the business noticed next year?


1. Multi-channel Marketing

Whenever I hear the phrase multichannel marketing, it sounds a bit (assuming I have a remote clue, something that sounds like meditation) – Omni means’ all, all, of all types. It’s a type of marketing methodology that involves creating a harmonious customer experience, no matter where customers find you.


13 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t-Miss In 2019



2. There Is A Strategy

There is nothing new about having a strategy but it is worth mentioning that it is always following the trend. When the strategy is digital marketing, it is important to put it first, before you start trying these different trends. You know you need your multi-channel harmony, next you need your strategic approach on how you will provide this.

The main key to create any strategy is to evaluate how the strategy works (analyze) and you must make changes, if any thing don’t work after a certain time. Many people work in neighborhoods for 90 days. Setting the time will give you the elements of the strategy, so you know when it’s time to dive into the analysis and evaluate it.



3. Long-form Content Has Its Benefits

As a content writer, the idea of ​​long-form content is not a new idea for me. I have run into clients who want 1000-2000 posts from now on and has become my new standard. In my writing, I’ve always been a kind of ‘writing until it’s over’ and it usually runs over 2000 words. According to experts, this long-form content will continue to be important in 2019 for several reasons – but the top two reasons are it is more shared and ranks better for SEO.



4. Online Video And Webinars Are Still Important

Yes, I know it’s a bit boring. Videos and live content has been posted there every year for the past few years and every year we are told it will be more important. The reason is simple – every year people watch more video content, listen to more webinars and interact with live content creators like Stories on Instagram and Life on Facebook.


This is a number – by 2021, 82% of global internet traffic is predicted to be calculated by video. That means more people will consume video and as marketers, we need to create that content to keep up. This includes live and fleeting content that social media trends go crazy about.



5. The Continued Growth Of Voice Search

Do you have a voice-activated device in your home? We do, we have an Amazon Echo. It can turn on the heating, tell us the weather and play music from Spotify. Then there are voice-activated assistants on the smartphone. And their use is set to increase.

As marketers, we need to be aware of the field of voice search. It could mean new opportunities to attract customers, new ways of advertising, and can mean new ways to format content – so that search assistants can find and understand that content. Prepare early!



6. Create A Digital Experience

When I encountered this in a report about digital marketing trends 2019 from Smart Insights, I was curious – what is ‘digital experience’? Does using the internet a digital experience? Check the weather on the smartphone app? What they mean with a digital experience is a combination of what we do and how we do it, ensuring it’s a positive experience.

Mobile-friendliness is long gone – it’s like being mandatory on mobile devices now. And with things like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) coming in, the dominance of mobile devices means all your marketing elements need to adapt to small screens. And site speed is still one of the most important factors.

13 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t-Miss In 2019


7. Authenticity Is Very Important

I think for smaller businesses and bloggers, the authentication is not such a big problem – you are your business. But it’s easy to fall into a ‘business’ personality and forget yourself. And often, it is that honesty that brings customers to you from the beginning. Consumer confidence is a huge factor, and a study last year found that 91% of people would reward a brand for authenticity – meaning spending money on them.

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Authenticity is huge with social media trends too. Because there are so many fake things out there, you want to be real, be you or you risk being grouped with fake news and clickbait fools.



8. Chatbots Are Everywhere

It’s funny how things quickly become normal. The first time I realized I was talking to a chatbot, I was fascinated. But now, they are a common thing – I even see them on the news website, answer questions about stories and offer multi-choice scripts. And for most consumers, chatbots are also normal, helpful and something they easily accept.

Awareness of chatbot is largely positive. One study found that 33% of people are positive, 48% are indifferent to them as long as they solve the problem and only 19% have a negative perception when dealing with a chatbot. So if chatbots can help you connect with your customers, there’s no reason not to use them.



9. Communicate As Your Customers Do

We’ve all heard things like ‘go where your customers are’ when we’re considering which social media platforms to use. Well, one of the digital marketing trends for 2019 involves communicating like your customers – but what does this mean?

An article from many magazines gives a great example – a four-year-old child picked up a vintage watch and asked him to call her. The watch was unresponsive, and the girl was confused because she was used to a smartwatch that allowed her to make phone calls. Your customers may be a bit like a girl – have used certain applications or systems to communicate. So by contacting them this way (in a no spam way) is a great relationship builder.



10. Facebook Dominates But Doesn’t Forget The Others

Facebook is still a basic part of any digital marketing strategy. With its huge user base, it’s not to be missed but it’s also worth remembering that there are other options and many of them are growing.

For example, Facebook is mostly static or declining in most age groups except for those over 55 (currently the largest user group). Instagram has seen an increase from all age groups with the largest 25-34 group followed by the 18-24 group. Snapchat has moved from just for teens to the 25-34 age group which is the biggest increase. And when it comes to getting real traffic to your site, look no further than Pinterest (this is not a social media platform but just an intuitive search engine).

If you are in the B2B arena, then LinkedIn is a growing place. Some experts say it has witnessed the growth of more than 560 million users and is popular in 200 countries around the world. Twitter is less certain in the future but still relevant to both B2B and B2C. Daily active user growth has increased despite all the gloomy forecasts about its demise.



11. Automate Marketing And Email

The trend of email marketing is always the most difficult because there is only so much you can do with it – or yes? The big trends with email seem to revolve around aggressive automation and personalization, and those trends are likely to continue next year.

Get back into that multi-channel marketing again – the goal should be to integrate email marketing into the customer lifecycle with content and use automation to do this. This usually means using ‘big data’ and analytics to get the right content in front of the right people.


12. The Analysis Is Still The Main Thing

I doubt any marketer will argue with this – analysis is still the key to marketing success. Google Analytics is still the next option for many businesses and also has paid programs if you want more specific information. The use of dashboard analysis and reporting systems is also growing with tools like Google Data Studio used to create a picture of what is working and what is not.



13. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

In the end, this may seem strange in a trend report, but don’t be afraid to be different and stand out from the competition. Just as the company has gone back to sending print newsletters to their customers and has been a great success, don’t be afraid to do something you researched and know that your customers will respond well.



A Successful Year Ahead?

You don’t need to follow all of these digital marketing trends to have a successful 2019, but they are a good guide on what other companies can do and what can work for you. Finding a place between where your trends and experiences meet is a sweet spot for your digital marketing success.


13 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t-Miss In 2019


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