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Top 6 Best Carpet Cleaning Solution

How To Clean Carpet Stain Effectively ? Carpet is one of the most common and necessary, housing equipment. Generally, some common mistakes like spilling food and drinks, dirt from feet make the carpet dingy and dirty. And a dingy carpet assembles microscopic organisms like mites, bacteria, and fungus. Which is neither hygienic or healthy for anyone.

That’s why finding the best carpet cleaning solution is a necessity. In this article, you’ll come to know how you can easily solve this problem on your own and in the best way too.


Choose the right way:-

Before cleaning your carpet you’ll have to aim for what are the complications of your carpet and choosing the exact procedure accordingly. Cause there are several ways to keep your carpet clean. But if you choose the wrong method it could damage the thread and underlay of your carpet. And at some point making these sorts of mistakes can make your carpet unusable. So before you take any further steps think about the problem and look for the right solution.

The term carpet cleaning refers to cleaning up a dirty and contaminated carpet.  Many people will hire professional carpet cleaners to resolve the problem.

Best Carpet Cleaning Methods:-

When people face any problems with carpet they wanna call specialists and experts and resolve it quickly. But most of the time it seems that the carpet is totally cleaned. But there is still chemical odor on it and sometimes the formation of the carpet is totally changed. In a word, it can be said that in this way most of the people don’t get fully satisfied.

But in this way, you’ll be able to come up with solutions of your own and clean any kind of odor or dirt problem easily and quickly.


1. Steam Cleaning:-

The method is very popular at home. Before starting the steam cleaning process. The whole area is vacuumed so the dirt and grit of upper level are banished nicely. As a result, the steaming can work on the deeper stains and grits greatly. In this procedure, hot water is mixed with detergent and given into the carpet to get the dirt banished. Sometimes greatly heated steam is used instead of hot water. How to smart it can clean your vinyl floor? See, this is not a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner.


2. Dry Cleaning:-

A machine is attached to a vehicle in this method. The cleaning is done by this machine and the powder. Firstly the powder is spread over the carpet which has a great influence on the dirt. Then the carpet is vacuumed the dirt is easily removed. As the powder sticks well with the dirt.

You can make the liquid dirt extractor at home. Take one tablespoon of borax and cloves, half cup cornstarch and two cups of baking soda with four bay leaves. Blend it all till it reaches its maximum consistency. Sprinkle it over the carpet and then vacuum it nicely. Finish your work by making it perfectly dry.


3. Shampooing:-

How To Clean Carpet Stain Effectively
The scheme is way more effective than dry cleaning. Firstly, detergent is inserted into the carpet and is agitated. Then the whole carpet is vacuumed to extract the stains from the carpet. Also, deodorizers and brighteners are used to deodorize and brightening the carpet. But this process has a high probability to leave the microscopic organism into the carpet.

Also, you don’t have to buy these shampoo. You can prepare at home with stuff like vinegar, water, liquid detergent, and alcohol.

4. Foaming:-

It is the combined result of the dry and shampooing method. The main idea is to use less water so the carpet can get dry faster. You can use the usual housing accessories to make anti-dirt solution product.

Normal kinds of stuff like water, vinegar, alcohol, and detergent is used in this regard.


5. Carpet Spot Remover:-

Nothing is worse than a stinky, smelly carpet. There are some stubborn specks of dirt that can’t be easily removed. But this makes things really simpler for you.

Sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet and keep it for ten minutes. Then a make mixture combining warm water, white vinegar, and soap. Vacuum the baking soda. And coat the carpet with the mixture. Wait till its dry.


6. Commercial Solutions:-

In this way, chemicals are sprayed into the carpet and its vacuumed greatly. So, all stains and grit from the high traffic areas can be perfectly extracted.


Some commercial carpet cleaner available in market:

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner:

It provides a deep clean to the carpets. And a deep cleaning really helps on eradicating dirt and oils from your carpet. It works really well against pet stains and neutralizes the stinky smell. Further, the scrubbing, extracting and spraying process is advanced.


Hoover Carpet Cleaner:

The mechanism of its cleaning process is really reliable. For having several types of mode you can up with your work easily. Alongside these cool features, it provides you with the service of removing the spots of coffee, red wine, cheese, footprints, cosmetics, grease, etc.


Bissell Carpet Cleaner:

It cleans twice as much than the other cleaners. It removes strongly attached ground dirt that damages your carpet fibers. On the other hand, the carpet that is cleaned with the Bissell carpet cleaner stays much cleaner for a long time.


Oreck Carpet Cleaner:

The most beneficial part about this cleaner is it’s light weighted. That means you can carry it easily and do your work faster. As it has a long handle you can cover a large area for cleaning which minimizes cleaning hour. Comparing with other methods it’s way better than steam and shampooing. It doesn’t contaminate the fibers of your carpet. As a result, your carpet lasts long and you feel comfortable using it. If you need to learn more about such a clean for laminate floor, just click here.


Edic Galaxy Carpet Cleaning:

It has a long extension hose in which way you can continue your work from a great distance. It has a massive water tank with it. Which can provide you with long hour cleaning? You don’t have to stop your work and go for water from time to time.

But the only complication is it has a great amount of weight. So in this regard placing it from one to another place and working out is gonna be a bit difficult.

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