How to find best real estate agent

How to find best real estate agent
How to find best real estate agent? Looking to make real estate investments? Thinking of selling old house, buying new house? Planning to move? Perfectdwell helps find best real estate agents near you.


How to find best real estate agent.
Below are a dozen important points you need which are sure to help you find best real estate agents. Perfectdwell has best real estate agents from different areas, locations of USA.
Buying or selling a home? We use real estate agent reviews, actual home sales data, and historical performance to connect you with the perfect agent.



How to find best real estate agent?


1. You need a Pro advocate.

Yes, you are not looking for friend, you are looking for someone who has thorough experience of home searching and home buying process and knows your goal. Someone who is willing to go extra to find your dream home and also save you money! Especially for first time home buyers, home searching help is a must. Make sure agent teaches you about mortgage process, home hunting process etc.

2. Talk with your agent.

It can look like interview but that is fine. Ask any question you have.

3. Spent time with him/her.

Home buyers or sellers need to feel confident with their professional agent. So face to face meet up or regular text, chat, video chat are required to ensure goals shall be reached and also to get update on whole process.

4. Ask for references.

This is to ensure that the agent you are working with is genuine. Some boast this and that which could be fake! Best way to validate he claim is to request for agent’s references, then go from there so you don’t spent unnecessary time. Talk with their recent clients and ask how the agent was?

5. See agent’e schedule.

Know where agent is focused. Find out he has time for you to help through. Agent must be loyal to you.

6. Make sure your agent listens.

Sounds simple right? But just make sure your agent is listening to you all the time and giving you answer and or feedback. This is very important for home buying or selling process.

7. Do your research.

Check their online reviews on Zillow, Yelp. Also see property data in yelp, Zillow, Walkscore, Citydata. Understand neighborhood, transportation matrix, then proceed with your agent.

8. Test Their Knowledge Of The Market.

Make sure agent knows what you are looking for, be it family home, investment properties, land, commercial, renting, condos. Evaluate their attentiveness and follow-up habits. If most of your time is spent chasing him/her for answers and looking into information the agent should know or obtain — those are red flags!

9. Check for license.

The states license and discipline real estate agents. Check with your state’s regulatory body to find out whether an agent you’re considering is licensed and or has any disciplinary actions or complaints. That information may be posted online.

10. Go through agent’s properties listings.

Agent with more listings in your area means he is good fit for your locality! Also check how many he/she has sold. No sale is a red flag, no listing is also a red flag unless you know or trust the agent already.

11. Check agent’s knowledge of the area you are moving in.

This goes along with number 10 above. If agent has been selling, listing properties from that area, its a very big plus point for a customer as the agent can give different information regarding the locality. Information we mean something not seen on zillow, yelp like school rating, restaurants etc.

12. Listen to yourself.

After all these, just go with your gut, listen to yourself and start the process.

We at perfectdwell really wish you best of luck for your any real estate projects – be it home buying, home selling, searching agents, listing homes or finding home renovation contractors.

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