Tips To Help With Your Summer Cleaning

Tips To Help With Your Summer Cleaning

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Summer time can be associated witb breezy holidays which to can give way to being carefree and somewhat lazy.

What this means is that anything associated with work or chores will be far from your thoughts. However, this does not mean that you should underplay the fact that your home should be spotlessly clean even at the peak of summer.


Start Outside

You can commence your cleaning from the outside especially the area leading into your home.  If you have a lawn or garden, you can start from there; by mowing your lawn if the grass is over-grown; weed your garden and trim your flower hedges.


Inspect your Home Surroundings

The Yard

During the routine scrutiny of your outdoor surrounding, do not leave out your backyard.  Be on the look- out for any form of insect damages, clear the environment and decontaminate with antiseptics.


The Gutters

Ensure to check the side gutters for any waste and clear it out with a rake.  If you clean out your gutters regularly, you will rarely ever be faced with the challenge of molds growing but just in case there are mold growths, it should be cleaned out by pouring a portion of bleach mixed with water into the gutter. Then, using a long handle brush with hard prickles, scrub off the molds; and wash off with a gust of clean water from your water pipe.


The Windows

You will want to inspect windows and clean as needed.  Hire a professional window washing service if windows are out of reach.  This will keep you safe during the summer cleaning process and offer the benefit of professional cleaning.


The Grill

If you do cook-outs, remember to clean your grill, by making use of a power washer; this will make the task a whole lot easier by washing out all the grease and oil  on the and you will get it over and done with within a short time frame.


The Garage

If you have a garage, consider clearing it out and re-arranging any materials in there; sweep and dust out the area too.


Outdoor Play Equipment

If your kids’ play equipment is in your compound, then make use of your water pipe to wash them over till you are sure that the layers of dirt are no longer there, and then dry them up with a work towel or rag.


Refuse Cans

Your refuse can should also be emptied and washed to do away with pests, bad odor and unwanted germs.  Put on your rubber gloves before you set to work.  After emptying the refuse can, use a gust of water from your pipe to wash out the layers of mire while scrubbing using a long handle brush with hard prickles.  This method can be done over till the can is clean. After this, soak the can by pouring in vinegar mixed water and leave it in there for 10-20 minutes, then empty out the can and wash it with some water. Once this is done, you can leave it to dry out in the sun.  Now that your refuse can is dry, pour in some baking soda as foundation as it is a cheap and easy way to deodorize your refuse can before putting in a fresh refuse liner.


The Patio 

If your home has a terrace, veranda or patio, it is the last landing before entry into your home hence, it must be spotlessly clean.  You can start by ensuring the removal of unwanted items and dust from the furniture there and then caring for the plant décor by waterung it and removing any dead leaves.


Indoor Focus

With the outdoor taken care of, you can then you can now bring your focus inside your home.  You can commence your cleaning in the following order:


First Aid Box

The first place you want to clean and clear up is your first aid box by throwing away any expired medication. Be sure to have a proper understanding of the rules regarding the disposal of medicine in your locality; as just trashing them in the bin or dislodging the medications might pose health hazards. When you have cleaned out your first aid box, you can then re-stock it with summer medications.


Focus on your Living Area

Your living area consists of your living room, dining room or area, kitchen and washroom.  Each section of your living area must be attended to.


First, ensure that you get a helping hand; a friend or family member to help in this task so you do not get overwhelmed.  Clear out unwanted items, and put other items like throw pillows, magazines, books, remote controls etc. in their proper places.   Next, sweep or vacuum (whichever is applicable to your living room), do not miss out any corners.  Once this is done, you can start dusting with a slightly damp cloth;dust all necessary items from the ventilating fan to wall art, family pictures, bookshelves, lamps, railings, doors, windows etc. For sofas and chairs, make use of a dry cloth or vacuum for dusting the covers. After this, bring down the curtains and drapes for washing as well.


Dining Area

The level of cleanliness of this part of your home should be top notch.  The cleaning process of your dining is almost same as your living room. Take away all items on your dining table, sprinkle some disinfectant, and then use a clean cloth to wipe across. Do the same for the chairs too if they have a leather covering. However, if the covering of your dining chairs are made of textiles, you will need to use a vacuum to get out the dust.


The Kitchen

Now, it is important to note that in some homes, the dining area is also in the kitchen.  What this means is that the cleaning will be done together as one section of the home.  Clean the dirty dishes and plates by hand or by loading them in the dishwasher. Place the washed dishes in the drain to remove residual water.

After this, unplug your refrigerator to avoid any electrical accidents then leave it to defrost. While this happens, sweep the floor, and then give it a thorough mop.  Next, clear and re-arrange the upper and lower cabinets, dust the countertops and then sprinkle an all-purpose cleaner and scouring powder on the cooker leaving the mixture for 10 minutes.

Clean and wash other kitchen gadgets like the microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, blender etc. Then go back to the fridge, clear it out and use a cloth soaked in warm soapy water to clean all corners and folds as well. Then, use a  cloth in fresh water to wipe out the refrigerator.

Now, ensure that the items you put back into your refrigerator are still in good condition. the bad items should be thrown away.  Do not forget to plug back in your refrigerator cord too.

Also, with the initial minutes being already elapsed, wipe the top of the cooker with a clean crisp cloth.


The Washroom

The washroom should also be cleaned regularly when compared to other living areas in your home.  This part of your home easilybshows forth your level of hygiene to your family and friends. During summer, there is a high tendency that you will be having more family and friends coming to visit so your washroom should be spotlessly clean and hygienic.

Before setting out to clean, you must first have your work gloves on and also have these items ready;

  • Toilet brush
  • Toilet cleaner – Lysol
  • Tissue paper
  • Soft sponge
  • Glass surface cleaner
  • Rag

When you are done cleaning, put the items back in their proper places. Arrange your towel cabinet then proceed to use an antiseptic spray to clean the bathtub including the tap and the sink.


An Antiseptic Spray

Spray this all around the exterior of the toilet seat and the  clean off any smut. Next, pour the toilet cleaner into the toilet and then leave for five minutes. When the time elapses, scrub it using a toilet brush in a circular motion. Ensure that you scrub all the way down to the the toilet drain, then flush to wash away the the toilet cleaner.

Another important item in the washroom is the mirror, it gets dusty and grimy as time passes and it should also be regularly cleaned.   The mirror gets smudged with things like toothpaste and all kinds of sprays. So, some of these smudges might be tough to remove.  The best ways to get the stains about are to;

  • Clean off the dust on your mirror with a piece of dry rag.
  • Put a small quantity of alcohol on a wet rag to clean off oily or greasy stains.

Finally, use a blend of white vinegar and water to wipe it thoroughly. The water must be one portion more than the white vinegar, then mixture should be vigorously shaken in a bottle to allow the two elements mix properly. Spray this evenly on your mirror, and then squeeze a sheet of an old newspaper and use it to clean off the liquid leaving you a perfectly clean and shiny glass.

Finally a final task, sweep, then mop the floor clean and dry and ensure that you throw out the garbage too.



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