Unusual Uses Of PEMF Machines

pemf machines

pemf machines

PEMF technology came into existence with the objective of muscle recovery and joint recovery. The main idea behind developing PEMF machines was that the microcurrents that are generated through the machines will help in eliminating the inflammatory cells of the muscles. The underlying concept is that of providing relaxation to the muscle.

The PEMFmachines were initially used after surgeries, injuries etc. Apart from that, it made its way into the sports industry when the athletes started using them for recovery after training. The heated leg wraps were the earliest sports recovery devices invented in PEMF technology.

As the experimentation, innovation and invention took strides in the PEMF segment; more and more uses were discovered for this technology. The commercial organization invested in their R&D to discover the uses of this technology.

The private experimenters came up with new devices every day to create a better range of products in this category. Somehow people also came up with quite a few ideas about how this technology can be efficiently used. Here is a list of a few unique uses of the PEMF machines.


Sleep management

There are a lot of people who suffer from sleep issues. The insomniacs face quite a lot of trouble to stabilise their mind for sleeping. There is a huge list of issues that can cause sleep troubles. Some prominent among them are depression, anxiety, stress, tension etc.

The reasons for sleep issues are not of concern here but the solution is. There are a lot of medications, procedures etc available in the medical field to treat sleep issues. Although the medication can lead to some side effects that may be long term as well as short term. Apart from that, the exercises for sleep management do not work at times. This is where the PEMF machines come into play.

PEMF machines are much bigger than just heated leg wraps and pillows. These machines have proved to be useful for deep relaxation. Complementing that can also help the person to fall asleep quickly. The best part about PEMF treatments is that they allow the person to have a sustainable and stable sleep. Thus allowing the person to have proper rest.

The idea behind PEMF therapy is that it relaxes both the mind and the body. The microcurrents created by PEMF machines help the body to Melatonin and Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which fall into the category of sleep hormones. These hormones help the individual to fall asleep.



The PEMF machines have proved to be highly effective in creating mental focus in the individual. The biggest reason why we lose our focus is because of the other thoughts that wander around our mind. These thoughts are mainly associated with our work which in turn causes stress. The idea for using the PEMF machine is that it will help the person to relax and thus allow him to focus. The relaxation of the brain cells and the body will allow the person to achieve mental focus.

The PEMF therapy is being experimented with to be used for treating ADHD and other hyperactivity disorders as well. Although the experiments are in preliminary stages there is a high hope that the PEMF will prove to be highly effective to treat all of them.


Body maintenance

It may seem absurd at first, but PEMF therapy is actually being used to maintain the body’s health. The regular use of PEMF machines allows the person to have the best health of his body’s cells.

The cells of our body start deteriorating after continuous work, thus the PEMF machine helps the body to rejuvenate these cells thus giving them higher energy. This directly affects the condition of the body as well. The better the health of the cells, the better will be the health of the body.


Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that this technology has got wonders in its bag for the future. The way this technology has improved by this time clearly depicts that there is much more to it. There are going to be much bigger machines as compared to heated leg wraps and there are going to be much bigger treatments than just body recovery and relaxation. All we have to do is wait for a bit.



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