Bring Your Basement Up To Date With These Home Improvement Tips

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In most homes, the basement is mostly the least considered area. If it’s about home remodeling and decoration, people always prioritize other spaces and not the basement. In fact, most families use it as a storage area for all unused stuff. But the opposite is true; you can still remodel your dingy-looking and mold-infested basement to a precious extra space that will make your family and friends want to go down there often.

The decision to remodel your basement needs careful planning and execution though. In this article, you will find four great home improvement tips that will help bring your basement up to date. So read on.


Get a Plumber to Fix your Drainage Line

The location of drainage pipes is mainly in the lower part of the building. This can explain why most basements are smelly and are usually a perfect breeding ground for molds. If your basement produces odor and shows some signs of mold infestation, it could signify that the drainage line is leaking or cracked. So contact plumbing service providers like Mr. Morrow Plumbing Ltd. They will help fix the leaks and get rid of that unpleasant sewer smell as soon as possible.


Look for Waterproofing Services

You have probably noticed the walls are damp, wet, and discolored in your basement. Applying paint coats or sealers may seem like a good idea, but unfortunately, it’s just a short-term solution since the moisture from the concrete wall will eventually push the coat off. As a result, it leaves the walls looking worse from the peelings with flaky failed coatings.

For that reason, you better engage with professional companies that offer waterproofing services to waterproof your basement walls. The waterproof panels can serve as decorative elements which improve your basement’s appearance. Besides that, the panels are 100% waterproof and antimicrobial. This means they don’t rot, warp, or support mold growth.


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Most foundation problems are caused by water in the soil around the foundation. So landscaping around your house’s foundation is essential to eliminate foundation problems. Either too much or too little of it, and you’ll have problems, including differential settlement


Seal all Entry Points that Pest Can Use

Basement can serve as a good breeding ground for pests and insects. So make sure you inspect and seal all the openings or holes within your basements. This will prevent rodents and those tiny crawlers from coming in; plus, they are a major turnoff and unhygienic!


Hire a Basement Finishing Expert

Most people think they can incorporate some DIY techniques and save a few bucks at this design and remodeling phase. Although that may work to some extent, it won’t yield excellent results like hiring a pro.

So if you are remodeling your basements, BCR Basements Inc is one of the best companies to reach out to because they specialize in creating beautiful and functional spaces from basements. They will help transform your uninviting, cold, and bare basement into a valuable area that can serve as an extra living space, home office, or entertainment zone.

Another benefit is that they are fully equipped, experienced, and can do all the designing and building for you.



The above tips are just a tip of the iceberg. Nevertheless, they are the basic steps towards turning your abandoned basement into an exciting space. So if you did not know, now you know! Don’t let your basement space go to waste ever again from here on out and call professionals today!



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