Wood Concerns When Looking At A New House

Wood Concerns When Looking At A New House


Nowadays, looking for a house nowadays can turn out to be a tiring and difficult chore. A good quality house does not always come at a reasonable price, and when a nice one appears, it’s crucial to stay cautious about the small details we can miss on the naked eye. Houses with wooden structures can be tricky at first, as they are beautiful and have that attractive rustic vibe, but there is more to it than the outside look. Not always its polished appearance matches the quality, and the flaws are, most of the time, hidden. So, today, let’s get right into some of the details you need to be careful about when looking for a new house, as well as some tips to help you out finding them.

Weather Troubles

A house has to endure sunny days, rainy days, and even windy ones, and this can have a huge impact on the outside wood structure, since it’s the most exposed part to these conditions, but it can also affect your inside furniture too. Humidity or high temperatures might do some damage, so the best way to keep it safe is to frequently clean it with a dry cloth or a broom, since water could bring even more damage to the wood. Another great resort is to paint your furniture, as this creates an extra protecting layer and resistance against water. In case you don’t want to paint it, there is always the possibility of just polishing it – like paint, it also creates a protective layer. But remember, before doing that, be sure to sand your piece first, in order to make it simpler and smoother to apply the next layer, and for that there’s nothing better than a drum sander for a more accessible and faster job. Click here for the best ones of 2020.


Insect Intruders

Everyone has heard about wood damaging bugs, and there’s no other insect that loves wood more than termites. This can be a big issue and not visible at first sight, yet, there are plenty of reasons termites attack wood. The more common ones go for the wet and untreated wood, but you can’t overlook the other types of termites that prefer dry wood, because these ones can cause a different level of damage, not visible at first, but a big problem, throughout time. Besides termites, there are other varieties of insects that love some wood, like carpenter ants and carpenter bees, which not only attack the wood, but also make nests inside of it, laying eggs there – something you definitely don’t want to have in your house. How to fix it? Forget DIY tips, and call an expert, right away.


Twisted Floors

Another thing to take into consideration is wooden flooring, because if they are floated or lifted, it can be a sign of rotting wood. Maybe it’s humidity or some leaking pipes under it, but this can completely ruin the flooring, and even though it’s possible to change it, depending on the wood, it’s a whole other investment. Another reason for being concerned about this it’s its safety, as a warped floor can become dangerous for anyone who uses it daily. It can start to sink and even break if not treated as soon as possible. Test it thoroughly before signing any papers!


Don’t Forget

Buying a new house is a big and expensive investment, and it can be difficult to analyze it thoroughly, as sometimes it’s so urgent that some things pass by, so make sure you know what you are investing in! There are a lot of hidden flaws around the house that are hard to notice, so always call a trustworthy inspector to be certain that you are not putting yourself or your family into a dangerous situation. I hope this was helpful and if you take into consideration these small tips, everything should work out well!



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