Experiencing Drainage Issues? Here’s Why You Need To Hire A Professional Plumbing Company

plumber handyman

plumber handyman

Are you experiencing drainage issues in your home? Don’t worry! Clogged toilets and drains are regular scenes in the life of every homeowner. Unfortunately, it’s never a peaceful time having to put up with a plumbing system experiencing a myriad of drainage issues.

Below are four warning signs you should look out for in your home’s plumbing system. If you notice them occurring often, don’t hesitate to contact a professional plumbing company as soon as possible. Now, let us look at these signs:


Recurring Clogs

This is a common stubborn problem on drains, especially on showers, bathtubs, and bathroom sinks. Mostly, hair washed down after cleaning is usually the cause. But if you frequently deal with a recurring clog, it means you are not entirely removing whatever is causing the clogs. Ideally, if clogging returns after you attempt to remove it, don’t bother trying again. Reach out to professional plumbing companies like JJ’s Plumbing and let them handle the problem. They have all the right tools and experienced plumbers who can help clear clogs in your home that are found deep in the pipe area.


Multiple Slow or Clogged Drains

Imagine these, your sink, toilet, and bathtub drains are all clogged up simultaneously. Is that not suspicious? Of course it is! It’s a big concern since it’s a clear warning that there are deeper problems in your plumbing system.

The main clog is probably somewhere in the primary drainage system and not in the drain of each fixture. Cases like this need professional help and something that trustworthy and reliable plumbing companies like Highsmith & Daughters Plumbing Inc can help you with.

The most common sewer line problems are blockages and breaks. Cloggs in main sewer lines is typically caused by an accumulation of waste that impedes free flow within the system. Only professional plumbers can quickly identify the cause and provide a sewer line repair solution that ensures you don’t experience similar issues in the near future.

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Sluggish Drains

A sluggish or slow drain is a common problem that homeowners ignore. They do so because most of the time, it clears by itself. However, a slow drain is a sign that needs serious attention.

A sluggish drain can result from a variety of problems. For example, it could be an early stage of clogging, where the circumference of the pipe is becoming narrow because of grease and mineral buildup. Or it could result from improper grading of the drainage system. This is the reason why it’s advisable you contact drain cleaning professionals when you experience this type of problem. They can help pinpoint the source and fix the problem for you before it escalates and becomes a big mess.


Drain Odor

If you notice a sewer smell emanating from drains, it’s another sign that there are drainage issues. However, there are other causes of foul odor like bacteria from pollutants built up or a clog. Besides that, plumbing errors and clogged vent pipes can cause odor too. But the only way to be sure is to have a professional plumbing company make an expert assessment and give further direction in situations like these. It could be a sewer gas leak, which needs pipe replacing, or an issue that needs thorough drain cleaning.

Final Take

Look out for these signs we talked about above. If you notice a recurring pattern, contact a professional plumbing company as soon as you can. Ignoring issues could have costly consequences in the future. This is the reason why we don’t recommend you to attempt the DIY methods you see on YouTube. They may sometimes work, which is great. But if they fail, it may prove more costly than it would have if you hired a professional right from the get go.



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