How To Prepare For A Residential Roof Replacement

Roofing Tips

Roofing Tips

Getting a new roof is exciting. However, don’t be surprised if you or an unauthorized person gets drawn closer for a sneak view of the action. Of course, that is dangerous and should not happen!

Keep in mind that as long as the residential roof replacement team is on-site, your house is a working zone, and such places pose unexpected hazards. So here are five tips to help you prepare for a roof replacement:


Preparation is key 

Loud noise may frighten kids and upset them as the roofers begin work. So talk to your kids ahead of the roof replacement day and explain to them certain areas of your house will be off-limits until the roofing replacement team completes their work. Also, pets may become restless since they are naturally sensitive to noise. To avoid stressing them out, the best thing would be to have your kid and pets visit a friend or a family member during this time.


Pull down your wall hangings

Putting up a new roof is no minor job. It requires repeated hammering and other machinery. So it’s advisable that you take away any breakable decor off the walls. Do the same thing on mounted shelves if you don’t want the vibration from all the hammering to shake off the walls and break.


Clear parking area

During your roof replacement day, none of your cars should be in the parking or driveway. This space should be clear since the roofers will use it for several activities like offloading materials, setting up their tools, and a place to put dumpsters for removing debris.


Move outdoor furniture, protect flowers and plants

Keep in mind that most contractors don’t help in moving personal items, whether inside or outside. This is the reason why if you have a shed or garage, this would be the best place to store your patio furniture, lawn ornaments, potted plants, etc. If you don’t have storage, put them covered together in one place in your yard but at a safe distance from the work zone.

A day prior, take some time out to trim tree branches near your roof because it can be a hazard to workers. Likewise, cut your grass at least two days earlier to make it easier to see fallen debris. Also, remember to put caution tapes or orange flags around plants, water features, and any hazardous items.


Give your neighbors a heads up

It is polite and courteous to warn your neighbors ahead of time before the construction team arrives. They may need to move or cover some items or plants to protect against debris. Also, it makes them aware of the impending noise, which gives them time to prepare and adjust.


Final Take

To make the process easier, only hire professional roofing companies like U.B. Code Roofing and Summit Roofs for your roof replacement needs. When you hire reliable and trustworthy companies like them, rest assured that your home (especially your roof) will be taken care of.

Also, communicate with your roofing company before the big day. Let them explain how they work. Keep in touch with them during the installation process and ask for suggestions. You never know! They can suggest something great that works for their crew as well as your family.



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