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How to Clean The Air Conditioner Indoor Air Handler and Condensation


One of the responsibilities of having an air conditioner is that you get to keep it in the best shape by carrying out some maintenance routines now and then. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge to carry out some of the maintenance because they are easy to begin with. You can refer to the manufacturer’s manual or ask the heating ventilation and air conditioning Company about some maintenance tips. One of the main parts of an Ac unit that require attention is the Indoor Air Handler, drain lines, the coils and the air filters.

Their perfect shape guarantees a fully functional air conditioner throughout. It can be heartbreaking having a faulty Ac unit when you need its services the most, especially over the summers. The only way you can prevent such unfortunate moments is by cleaning and maintaining all the components which are prone to fail due to dirt clogging and accumulation.

Before even getting to the part of how to clean an air handler, wouldn’t it be important if you first understood how the condensate drain and the air handler get clogged in the first place?

  • What happens is that the condensate usually carries with it dirt and any other form of debris into the drain which is eventually clogged or baked. Algae growth could be another cause of condensate drain blockage because its growth tends to increase over the warm monsoon season.

So, how do you know that a condensate drain is clogged? The presence of water leaks on the ceiling or the walls is a sign that there could be a clog because the drain tends to overflow. Mold and algae growth is another sign that all is not well in the condensate drain.

The indoor air handler on the other hand handles or facilitates air circulation in your home or the setting of a commercial air conditioner. It comprises of components like the blower, coils and the air filter. If the air handler happens to limit the air flow, chances are that the blower needs some cleaning. Another sign that the air handler isn’t functioning fully is the spike in energy bills or costs.

Now, let’s get back to the process of cleaning the indoor air handler and condensation. This guide has highlighted or rather provided a guideline on how to clean Air Handlers so that the system functionality isn’t affected in any way.


Cleaning the indoor air handler and condensation guidelines

The following are tips on how to go about with the cleaning of air handler and the condensation drain:

  • Switch off power to shut down the air conditioner and then locate the drain lines. This is a safety measure that should be heeded before carrying on with any air conditioner maintenance routine. After that, proceed to open the protective case or panel so that you can have access to the drain line, fins, coils and the air handler blower/fan. Look for the condensate drain line below the air handler where it usually collects liquid into a pan or a drain.


  • Proceed with the cleaning. Get a vacuum cleaner and a soft cloth which will come in handy in removing dirt from the various moving parts of the Ac unit such as the air handler coil. You could start by getting rid of all the dirt from the indoor air handler using the cloth or the vacuum depending on the intensity of the dirt and debris. An antimicrobial solution will come in handy in the cleaning of the fan and the coils. You can get the solution from approved dealers so that you don’t end up causing any unintended damage to the coils.


  • Proceed to the condensate drain. You will need to disconnect the drain lines from the unit in order to proceed with the cleaning. For the drain lines to be fully free from clogs and any buildup, you will need to use compressed air or better yet spray them with a strong steam using a garden hose. Other cleaning techniques include using an anti-fungal solution to flush the drain or a hand spinner. Some of the commonly used solutions used to clean or flush the drain lines include diluted hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar and hot water. Using bleach isn’t advised as it could damage plastics or even kill plants. Ensure that you have protective hand and nose gear for the whole process for protection where necessary.


  • Assemble everything back after the cleaning.


In conclusion, you can always rely on a professional HVAC personnel to carry out the maintenance routine on your behalf if you don’t think you have what it takes to do it by yourself. In all things, if you want an optimally functioning Air Conditioner unit, the cleaning has to take place whether or not you have the time and the skills.

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