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Professional electrical services are needed with time, whether it’s complete light fixtures in a house or condo or maintenance of electrical equipment in an office. We will help you find experienced electrical contractors to address any kind of electrical issue.

There are two types of electrical services:

Residential: From installation of new electrical panels and major appliances to repair and maintenance of home electrical wiring, residential electrical contractors offer a wide range of services to make your home a safer and more livable place.

Commercial: Offices and other commercial spaces rely on electrical equipment and systems on a daily basis. As a business owner or manager, it’s on you to call for commercial electrical contractors, whether you need a heavy-duty three-phase electric system installed, or comprehensive maintenance and upgrades for in-house equipment and machinery.

Practice Safety

Electricity—it’s extremely dangerous, not something that should be approached with DIY tutorials and a basic toolbox. When faced with an electrical problem, don’t risk your health and safety; employ a certified electrician who has the training, experience and the proper equipment to safely perform electrical installation, repair and other electrical procedures.

Make sure that the electrician you’re hiring is not only licensed, but also fully bonded and insured. Additionally, know that all electrical work should be performed under necessary permits and conducted according to code, so that it can successfully pass inspection (In additional to being a responsible and essential step toward safety, it’s also a standards requirement by homeowner insurance providers, mortgage lenders, and most condo boards).

Practice Diligence

As it happens, the slightest electrical problem can turn into a massive disaster, such as a house fire. Never neglect an issues with your electrical systems you are aware of, and get these inspected occasionally regardless of any apparent issues.

Electrical fires are quite common in both residential and commercial properties, and have the potential to result in loss of life and property. Tripped circuit breakers, overheated wires, appliances and equipment, worn/ frayed cords, burnt-looking plugs, flickering lights, getting a shocked from touching an appliance—all call for immediate electric services.

Note: Over the years, the requirements regarding installation of GFCI outlet wiring have become stricter, primarily for prevention of accidental electrocutions. Make sure you hire a reliable electrical contractor to ensure proper placement of all outlets—inside or outside the property—as well as ascertain that these are up to current regional codes and standards.

Types of electrical service

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There are 2 basic types of electric service available – residential and commercial. Although an electrical contractor in either field needs to be licensed and knowledgeable, he or she will have somewhat different areas of specialization. Contact a residential electrician when you want to install, upgrade, or repair the following: home electrical wiring, a new electrical panel, light fixtures, and major appliances (for example, a Jacuzzi) in your house or condo, which will usually have single-phase electricity. On the other hand, if you are a business owner or manager, hire a commercial electrician to install and maintain your firm’s heavy-duty 3-phase electric systems, utilized to power lighting, equipment, and machinery.

Safety first

Working with electricity can be highly dangerous – quite literally a matter of life or death. It is not a task for DIY or unqualified workers. Employ only a certified electrician with training and experience in safety procedures, as well as the proper equipment, to perform all major electrical installation or repair. Check that any bid you receive on a job specifies the services of a licensed electrician, who is also fully insured and bonded. Make sure that all the necessary permits will be pulled and the work will be done to code, making it 100 percent ready to pass inspection. (Not only is this step essential as a commonsense safety measure, it is also a requirement of homeowners insurance providers, most condo boards, and mortgage loan issuers.) Never neglect problems with any component of the electric system that is running at your home or place of business. Unfortunately, electrical fires are both quite common and extremely hazardous to property and human life. Breakers that trip constantly due to overloaded circuits or other factors, flickering lights, shocks when someone touches an appliance, worn or frayed electric cords, or burnt-looking plugs are all urgent calls for prompt electric repair. In addition, the requirements for where GFCI electrical outlet wiring must be installed have become more stringent over the years; to prevent the possibility of accidental electrocution, have a reliable electrical repair service ensure that any and all outlets located close to a source of water — whether inside the house or out — are up to current code.

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