Learn How To Iron A Shirt And Dry-style Dress Pants

Tips To Iron A Shirt And Dry-style Dress Pants

Discover the secret used by dry cleaners and learn how to iron shirts and dress pants with an impeccable result.

The Iron Shirt And Dry Style Dress Pants is what will give the final touch to the garments and will help them recover their original appearance while extending their useful life so that they remain as new.

Apply the basic tricks of the dry cleaners that I am going to teach you and learn how to iron shirts and dress pants detailing the clothes in your house.

Before you start, place the ironing board in a spacious place and a good light. An effective trick for ironing aunt squad t shirts with the best results is to moisten them with spray. Or, as soon as the spin cycle is over, remove the clothes from the washing machine, shake them and iron them immediately.


How to iron a shirt

  • First, check the clothing care symbols and follow the label instructions for ironing shirts. If you do not have the label, start by heating the iron at low temperatures and so you will graduate it as needed to avoid accidents.
  • When the temperature of the iron is at its point according to the clothing care symbols of each garment, start ironing the cuffs of the sleeves taking care not to pass the iron over the buttons. The damp cloth is very useful in this area.
  • Continue with the collar of the shirt. iron it on the back by stretching it very well and in the direction of the edges towards the center. Do the same for the front.
  • Continue with the body of the shirt starting at the front. I prefer to do it on the inside of the garment to protect the fabric and avoid the shine that the hot iron leaves on the clothes. In this step, be sure to iron the armhole very well to smooth out any wrinkles.
  • Now iron the yoke and continue with the back of the shirt taking care to accommodate the tweezers to leave the perfect folds. Upon completion of this part, you can review the front of the shirt once more.
  • Now it’s the turn of the sleeves. Fit the sleeve to the right on the board ensuring it is well aligned with the shoulder. Place a damp cloth over it and gently run the clothes iron over the center and the edges to achieve a perfect stripe.
  • Arrange the shirt on a hanger interspersedly fastening the buttons and hang it on the hanger.


How to iron dress pants

As you did with the shirts, first check the clothing care symbols on the label of each garment.

  • Turn the pants upside down and moisten the garment. Start by ironing the pockets, then the closure part and then the waistband. Take care not to exert too much pressure with the clothes iron to avoid unwanted marks.
  • Arrange the pants together with the four seams of the legs and run the iron through the center avoiding making the line. Repeat the procedure on the other side.
  • Turn the pants to the right and rejoin the four-leg seams. Be sure to perfectly accommodate the garment to ensure that the centerline is perfect. Carefully lift the upper leg, put a damp cloth on the leg that is left on the board and iron through the center and the edges to mark the line.
  • Lower the leg you raised and iron only the center so as not to mark a double line. Turn the pants over and repeat the same procedure. When finished, hang the pants on a hook over the coat rack. Ready! Impeccable as a dry cleaner and as easy as homemade. It’s all about checking clothes care symbols to see if the fabric should be worked with the warm, hot or very hot clothes iron.

You might also like to know the tricks of how to iron without iron. Share with your friends these basic dry cleaning tricks; I’m sure they will thank you.


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Iron Shirt And Dry Style Dress Pants



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