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5 Home Improvement Upgrades for a Healthy Lifestyle & Home

5 Home Improvement Upgrades for a Healthy Lifestyle & Home

Healthy Lifestyle Tips Through Home Improvement

Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Homes are happy homes. If you are looking for a path toward a much happier and healthy lifestyle, then the first place to start is in the home. Modern houses can be filled with a variety of things that can affect your health, both positively and negatively. And because we spend much of our time in our homes, it’s important we optimize our living spaces for optimum health.

With the motto “Healthy homes are happy homes”, we shall read important quick tips on healthy lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions for home improvements that will turn your house into a positive contributor toward your health and overall well being.


Lets read through below tips on happy home!


1. Water Filtration

Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Homes


Clean water is something that most people take for granted in first-world countries, but that doesn’t mean that the water is always as good as it needs to be. The water that comes out of your taps has to go through a lot of processes and piping before it gets to you, and it may not always be as free of contaminants as you think it is. It’s smart to do some final filtering before you make use of that water for drinking, cooking, and other purposes.

If your water supply is fairly clean then you may just need to install a basic water filter on your kitchen tap. This will be sufficient for all your cooking and drinking water.

If you have hard water due to using river or well water or because the piping is old and corroded then a whole-house water filter is probably going to suit you better. This will connect your main water supply pipe to your household piping and filter out contaminants in the water you use. If you get your water from natural sources then this could also save you from getting sick due to biological contaminants.


2. House Plants



A good home improvement to increase your household’s indoor air quality is to have a lot of house plants in your home. Because various building materials in a home can affect indoor air quality, having living plants in your house is great for lifting your mood as well as filtering airborne contaminants. From helping to mitigate off-gassing from toxic flooring to absorbing airborne chemicals that can hinder breathing, house plants are one of the easiest and most impactful home improvement upgrades.

The World Health Organization has estimated that in the past up to seven million people have died in a year due to air pollution. This is a huge number of people to have died from a condition that modern society has largely inflicted on itself. Everything you can do to help reduce the pollution in your home improves your chances of not adding to that statistic.


Here are a few plants that are known to help improve air quality:

Areca Palm

These palms can filter out a variety of harmful chemicals which include toluene, acetone, and xylene. These chemicals are commonly found in things like nail varnish, cosmetics, wooden furniture, detergents, and gasoline.


Philodendron is great for filtering out the naturally occurring chemical formaldehyde, which is frequently found in building materials and furniture.

Rubber Plant

The leaves of rubber plants have a large surface area and volume that lets them absorb a variety of contaminants and break them down to less harmful materials.

Some other plants worth considering for improving your air quality are: Peace Lily, Dracaena, Snake Plant, Boston Fern, Aloe Vera, English Ivy, and Spider Plant.


3. Energy-efficient Exterior Doors

While the walls of your house may be heavily insulated your doors may not be nearly as energy efficient. Doors often have gaps around them that let heated air escape in winter and enter in the summer-time when you are trying to keep your house cool. Doors are also usually far thinner and lighter than a similar section of wall due to the need to open and close them, so they are a prime place for heat to leak. If you live on a busy street, then they may also be a place where noise pollution can enter your home.

Replacing thin and flimsy doors with energy-efficient exterior doors can lead to better heat insulation and a quieter home. If the new doors are more robust then they will also do a better job of keeping unwanted intruders out of your home, as long as you have a good lock on them.


4. Window Film or Double Glazing

Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Homes


Windows are another prime spot for heat and noise to leak through. Applying some professionally installed insulating film to your windows is a relatively cheap home improvement to reduce that heat loss, particularly if you have a lot of window area. These films can also protect your home from harmful UV radiation which can damage your indoor furniture, carpets, and curtains. If you have nosy neighbors or passers-by then you can also get window films that act like a one-way mirror to allow you to see out but which prevent anyone outside from seeing in.

If you need something more effective than window film to keep the heat in and the noise out then double glazing is something you might like to consider. Double glazing basically involves windows made up of two window panes separated by an air-gap. This provides solid thermal insulation due to the trapped pocket of air between the panes, and it also gives you good noise insulation. Double glazing can be expensive, but over the long-haul it should pay for itself in reduced heating costs.


5. Outdoor Living Space

Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Homes


Another great home improvement is to take a look at your outdoor living spaces. While you want your indoor home to be healthy, staying indoors is no replacement for spending time outside. If your patio or backyard is in a bad state then you can improve both your mental and physical health by getting them renovated to let you make use of them more frequently. This can also be a great motivator to start socializing more by getting these spaces fit enough to host some backyard barbecues and parties for your friends and family.

Each home improvement that you make which makes your house a healthier place to live also makes you a healthier and happier person. So take a look around your home today and see what you can do to make it a place that contributes positively towards the health of both you and your family.


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