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Bed bugs bites and its treatment.

Bed bugs are small, brownish insects that survive on human and animal blood. Their bodies become reddish and swollen when they have fed on blood. Bed bugs are active mainly at night and they bite humans and animals when they are sleeping.

Fortunately, the signs of bed bug infestation are very visible and you can identify them as follows;

  1. Itchy red areas on different parts of the body particularly areas exposed while sleeping,
  2. Blood stains on your bed sheets and pillow cases,
  3. Dark brownish spots of bed bug excrement (feces) on the bed sheets and mattresses,
  4. Musty odor that is released from the bed bug scent glands.

Although, bed bugs do not transmit any kind of disease but it is recommended to see a dermatologist if you find too many bites on your body, or you notice an infectious discharge i.e. pus from these bites or you notice some kind of allergic skin reaction.

Your dermatologist may prescribe you one of the following based on the symptoms he notices;

  • In case of a severe allergic skin reaction the dermatologist may administer an anti-allergic injection of antihistamine, corticosteroid, or epinephrine (adrenaline).
  • In case of an infectious discharge from the bites the dermatologist would recommend an antibiotic. However, if the infection is mild, he may recommend an antiseptic medication.
  • In case you develop extreme itch the dermatologist might recommend you a pill or an anti-itch liquid/cream that you would be required to apply on your skin, on and around the area where the bites are.

However, if you don’t notice a serious skin reaction then you can treat these bed bug bites at home with soap and water. If the bites start to itch, you can apply a Corticosteroids cream on and around the bites. Corticosteroids is an over-the-counter drug and you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to purchase it.



How do professionals kill bed bugs?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), United States of America has registered more than 300 products for use against bed bugs. Most of them can be used directly by the consumers but some can only be used by trained professionals.

However, most homeowners hire trained professionals to exterminate bed bugs and to get rid of them comprehensively and to avoid any future recurrence.

Pest Control Services | List of Pest Control Service companies



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