4 Tips For Clearing Out Your Garage


Best Ideas For Cleasring Out Garage


Are you thinking about finally taking on the mammoth task of clearing out your garage? Well, before you start, here are four top tips from the guys at https://www.kwiksweep.co.uk that will help make the ordeal a little easier:


1: Give Yourself Adequate Time

One of the worst mistakes you can make when planning a garage clear-out is not giving yourself enough time to complete the task. Take, for example, you have a large garage full of items you’ve been storing. Only giving yourself a Sunday afternoon to complete your task is only going to lead to stress as you rush to finish the job.
Indeed, when you don’t give yourself adequate time, you’ll soon find that you make more of a mess. As boxes will be left half sorted, with bits and bobs all over the place. More often than not, you’ll end up avoiding the task for months to come, leaving your garage messier than ever.
Instead, gauge how much of a task your garage sort will take – then add an extra six hours on to your estimate! You may even want to give yourself a full weekend, as this will give you plenty of time to look through your belongings and decide what could be sold, donated to charity or needs to go to the skip.

2: Pull Everything Out and Start Again

It can be tempting when starting a garage clear-out to choose a corner, tidy it and then move to another corner. True, this will help your garage to look tidier but, if you want to totally clear our and organise that garage, you need to pull everything out and start from scratch.
To save yourself time, as you start pulling out items, arrange them on your lawn or driveway in different categories. For instance, you may have a pile for keep, charity and throw. Or, you may wish to categorise your belongings by us, such as kid toys, exercise equipment and DIY tools. Whatever you choose, when it comes to arranging your belongings back into your garage, you’ll find the job far easier.

3: Be Brutal When It Comes to Clutter

We’re all bad for holding on to belongings that we no longer use or need. True, that first ride-on tractor might hold a lot of sentimental value, however, if your child has outgrown it and it won’t be used again, it’s just taking up precious room in your garage.
So, when it comes to choosing what to keep, here’s some thoughts to keep in mind:
• If you’ve not used it in more than a year, consider getting rid of it.
• Don’t hold on to items purely for sentimental reasons – think, could they bring joy to someone else?
• Get rid of anything broken. If you’ve not got around to fixing it yet, you’re not likely to now.
Once you’ve decided on what you’re keeping, try to put it into boxes, containers or a section of your garage where it will be easily accessible when needed.

4: Decide What to Do with Items You’re Not Keeping

Now that you’ve cleared out your garage, only putting the items you’re keeping back in your garage, you’ll need to decide what to do with the stuff you’re not keeping. Now, it might be tempting to just get a skip and get rid of the lot but, before you do, you may wish to consider other options first:
Hold a Sale
A yard sale might feel a little American, however, it’s actually a fast and easy way to make yourself a little money while clearing out clutter. Simply advertise online and price up your stuff before people arrive. If you don’t like the idea of a yard sale, you could go to a car boot sale or advertise individual items online on a site like Gumtree.
Give to Charity
For any items in good working order that you haven’t sold, consider giving to charity. These days, many charities own vans and will be happy to head to your home and collect – making your life easier!
Then, when you’re just left with items not suitable for sale or charity, just throw the rest away! You’ll be left with the clean, tidy and organised garage that you’ve always wanted.



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