How to Sell Your House by Owner Yourself – Without a Realtor

How to sell House by Owner Yourself – Without a Realtor.


How to sell my house? Selling your home—especially if you’ve never done it before—can be surprisingly time-consuming and emotionally challenging.

How to Be Your Own Real Estate Agent Selling Your Home. Price Your Home to Sell. Obtain a Flat Fee Listing on the MLS. Market Your Property. Hold an Open House. Know Your Property’s Selling Points. Prepare to Show Your House. Show Your House. Perform Your Own Negotiations.

If you’re like most, selling your home will be one of the most important financial transactions of your lifetime. Not surprisingly, the process of selling a house can be fun ans rewarding if done properly with correct information.

Read below important 9 steps to sell you properties fast.

How to sell my house

1. Put PRICE for your house to sell.

Price is the key here. Easiest and fastest way to price your home for sell is to compare similar home price in your community (same zip code) from Zillow or Redfin. You may feel compelled to overprice the home. Don’t fall into that trap. Remember, the goal of this process is to sell your home, so make sure the asking price is realistic.


2. Know best selling points of your home.

Research from Zillow, Redfin, Craigslist, Perfectdwell on how properties are listed. Which points are being mentioned to capture buyer attention. What pictures are displayed how? 360 degree view, videos available? Free closing cost offered? New furniture, appliances added? Best school zone, lowest crime rates and so on and on!


3. Follow every laws related to business and real estate.

It’s very important that you comply with the laws in your area related to selling homes. Always remember that The Fair Housing Act stipulates that sellers cannot discriminate against buyers for reasons including race, religion, and sex. Actually it’s really a good idea to hire real estate attorney to review all documents and contracts related to the sale of your home.


4. Enhance your home’s curb appeal.

How to sell my house? This solely means make your home look beautiful! But don’t try to overspend and break your back, just simple important stuff like painting, gardening, flowering, cleaning, removing your pets etc you know 🙂


5. Obtain a Flat Fee Listing on the MLS.

MLS is the most comprehensive list of real estate for sale in the U.S. It is available to Realtors, and in some areas, prospective buyers can also search for homes using the MLS. Use PERFECTDWELL for this to save you money.

Understand what a real estate agent do to sell a house! So you can follow same steps.


6. Make sure your listing is on all the major online portals.

Post on zillow, redfin, craigslist, Perfectdwell easy and fast. Ensure the listing has good photos, and lots of them. Do share information about life in the neighborhood. This is also called marketing your home for sale. There will be some costs involved in advertising the sale of your home, but they will be a fraction of an agent’s commission. The real cost is the amount of time and energy you will need to put into selling your home.


7. Hold an Open House.

This has been proving as successful marketing tactics. You can also hold an open house to advertise the sale of your home. Advertise for the open house by posting signs in your neighborhood.


8. Show Your House.

How to sell my house? Make it such that you house is easy and comfortable to show. This gives buyer a sense of perfect location. Then you will have to place a key in a lock box and answer calls from other agents or  buyers. If you are at home during the day, you can show the house yourself. Otherwise, you will have to verify the identity of the agent before giving out your lock box combination.


The first 30 days’ activity of your house being on the market is always the best activity you’re going to see…

How to sell my house


9. Negotiate the price.

How to sell my house? Real estate negotiations take the form of a contract that is submitted to the seller. The seller can accept the offer, or revise the contract and submit it to the buyer. The process continues until both parties sign a contract. As mentioned above, if you are not familiar with the contract, you should have it reviewed by an attorney.

This is what Linda [@linda_culp ] wrote…

How to sell my house? I’m selling my own home because I got tired of agents thinking we are stupid and don’t have a clue on buying or selling!!! I’m 60 years old and have bought and sold a few houses over the years so I’m not dumb on the subject! One agent told me my house would never sell at the price I wanted to list it for, had 3 offers in 4 days and sold it for exactly what I wanted to. Other agents have told me that my house isn’t worth anything in the small town it is located in, BULL! Not one of them (4 different agents) even tried to market the house or do anything to even try to sell it. So yeah, if you don’t do anything to try and sell, it isn’t worth anything! Another agent told me that appraisers are the ones that actually set the price ! BULL! Most appraisers are independent and see the listing price before they ever come out. They could care less what the price is, they get paid no matter what and are gone, off to the next house! I even had an appraiser ask me what I wanted the appraisal to come in at!!! All of the agents also think I should lower my price to the point where I make no money, but they still make their money!!! If they sell a a bunch of houses at low prices they still make a nice sum of money on volume! So agents, quick treating clients like we are stupid just to make your commission! I’ll sell my house myself, at my price! Why should I pay an agent to treat me like I’m and idiot and don’t know anything! And by the way I just sold it myself at the price I wanted, the price that they ALL told me it wasn’t worth!!! Wehn I started listing it myself on all the sites available for FSBO I got more traffic than any realtor ever did!!!


Whatever the case, if you are planning to sell your home, at least consider the great savings you could enjoy by selling the house on your own.

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