How to start real estate career

How to start real estate career

How To Get Started as a New Real Estate Agent. Understand Licensing Requirements. Though real estate failure happens, there are some agents who do well right out of the gate. Get a head start in the real estate business by following these tried and tested steps. Starting your real estate career doesn’t come down to money or credit score, but rather three basic components: a purpose, motivation, and a plan. Getting Started in a Real Estate Career is Quick and Painless. As a Real Estate Agent, You Are Your Own Boss. Real Estate Agents Make a Good Income, just think of Trump! No kidding.

How to start real estate career

1. Find a brokerage to start with.

How to start real estate career ? This is a must to start your real estate agent career.
A real estate brokerage is a company which is a brand and is set up to help facilitate the business brought in by their real estate agents (like you!). Major brokerages in the U.S. include Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX, Century 21 and more.

2. Get real estate license in your state.

First, you’ll need to get a real estate license from your state and usually costs under $1000. You can take online or on campus courses, but our recommendation is to take on campus course for more interactive sessions.
For Maryland –
For license application –

3. Use right tools, software.

Of course, there are tools in Zillow, Redfin for any real estate agent to list homes, properties. PERFECTDWELL has completely free home property listing tools along with home improvement quotes feature, free bank rates, mortgage rates tool, educational blogs and more!

Also remember Success as a Realtor is determined by your personality.So always continue to develop your professional image, be polite, try to help customers by going extra mile so that they will recommend you!

4. Create a business plan.

A real estate agent is actually an entrepreneur. Many people tend to skip business planning, or think about it without writing it down, most successful agents say that writing out a business plan helped them out tremendously. You can download a template to create your business plan from training companies like AgentEDU.

5. Build your business.

This is all about contacts, communication, give and take relations. One example I shall give you is i know a couple both are real estate agents, wife is White, husband is Asian. They were able to bring many customers from both White american communities and big growing Asian communities including Indians, Filipinos, Nepalese and more! So just think about it 🙂

6. Hire right people.

Yes, key here is right people. When your company or business grows, you will need to hire more licensed real estate agents, accountants etc. Always make sure you found the correct one who shall help to grow your real estate company bigger!


Get a Good Grip on Your Personal and Business Expenses

  1. Successful businesses have budgets and they have a handle on their expenses as well as their projected revenues..
  2. You’re probably going to need somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500 to get started.
    1. pay for all licensing classes.
    2. exam fees.
    3. purchase and start handing out business cards.
  3. You can estimate income out the bottom of the funnel from the type and number of expected prospects that fall into the top of the funnel.

Have a Realistic Plan of Your Income Expectations

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